Succession Skill
# 1

Family name : blueD迄
server : ASIA

-Buccaner Tips and Strategies for Succession Skill update!

Following the succession skill's update, buccaner gets 2 succession skills which are Descending Tide and Pirate Tricks here is my strategy for following updates !


1. PvP

Buccaner is very good to use for pvp both in the Arena or Outlaw Zone because it has a long-range attack, high damage and is difficult to approach.

If you prefer aggressive pvp gameplay or a rusher I recommend to choose Pirate Tricks In addition to making you closer to the target you lock, this skill also gives you additional movement speed and reduces your opponent's movement speed and also make it easier for you to chase your enemy when doing Black Sun and Night of Vengeful Souls.

For gameplay that maintains a safe distance Descending Tide would be a great choice,You can keep your distance from enemies approaching you with this skill, and also this skill has the additional effect of not being able to grab, which adds to your options for keeping a safe distance

In the picture below is the skill arrangement that I use in the active skill slot.


I didn't include Bon Voyage (Buff Skill) because I felt it would just waste an active skill slot and will use the black spirit buff.

My style of play is to maximize the buccaner's advantage of long attack distance and also high mobility. then I prefer Descending Tide to be used.

Skill combos that I use : 

Captain's Will ->Double Tap(hold so as to get triple tap flow )->Captain's Will ->Tidesplitter->Smoth Sailin'(by moving the analog forward if the opponent moves away and backward if the opponent approaches)->Singgle Tap->Cap'n's Order: Fire Away!
For Trickshootand Descending tideYou can save it to chase opponents or move away from them when they approach.


2. PVE

Descending Tide and Pirate Tricks will be a great addition for buccaners in Auto farming, World boss, Tukar laytenn, The Apex Changui and Apex Changui Specter.

For PVE I only do auto, so I use skills that don't make me move from the starting place as much as possible to be able to maximize my time for auto farming.

In the picture below are the skills that I use when doing auto farming : 


I chose Descending Tide to minimize movement in auto farming.



Thank you so much for your time and attention,I hope what I have shared will be beneficial.



2024-02-10 11:11