Succession Skill
# 1

Family name : Filhan
server : ASIA
- Succesion Skill Tips -
1. Buccaneer
    for pvp arena, Descending Tide is very good. This skill will save your Super Armor/Forward Guard in the arena, so you won't be easily stunned or knocked down.

combo :


use pirate tricks to chase someone in black sun

2. Woosa
    Blooming Death
for arena pvp and field pvp both are good. for farming? very good class

combo :


3. Corsair
    berserker chasing you in black sun? corsair might be able to run away from berserker with 65k cp
Tips: *make sure you have mp recovery imprint 30%*

4. Warlord
    you don't like corsair? warlord can also ran away from berserker. Retaliation releases wind that blocks your enemy's path.
*Need mp recovery imprint 30%*

5. Kunoichi
    Kunoichi is one of the best dps, because she has a bleeding effect. So this is just a combo with succession skills
i think Lethal Spin Spree is better than Chain Crash.


combo 1 :

combo 2 :

6. Sura
    For me, Sura is one of the difficult classes for beginners. but at least he has a cool outfit XD.
I think Ninjutsu: blade spin is better than Ninjutsu: black moonlight


tips : Fasthand !


7. Berserker

    No comment for this class.



Tips: use another class, don't always be a berserker. no I'm kidding. use mp recovery imprint at least 20% for passive skill (unleash) & -enemy attack speed at least -20%


that's it from me.


2024-02-07 23:25