Succession Skill
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By : Voldsthum - Asia

Another game-changing feature has been added to our beloved game, Black Desert Mobile, but this time it's quite unique. It's not just about increasing our CP (Combat Power), but also adding new choices of skills that we can equip on our characters. These succession skills are a great addition for some characters that lack combat tools, either in PvP or PvE. For example, my favorite character, Igneous, recently got nerfed hard. Both his PvP and PvE abilities were reduced. So, with the new succession feature, I can enhance his combat ability by adding another skill to support his performance. Let me tell you more about it below.


How to Access the Succession Skill Feature?

The developer team have posted an update notice about it. In case you missed it, here is the link: Update Notice. We can access the feature after completing the story quest. After completing the story quest, all we need is a Succession Skillbook and go to the skill page to acquire it. We can choose between two skills available and equip one that fits us the most.


What to Choose?

Well, it depends on our needs. I cannot provide info for every class, but I will gradually add other charachters. For now, here are some examples I can suggest based on my experience and observation. 




  • For PvE: Voltaic Pulse

    • After the cooldown of Calamity and Aqua Jail Explosion increased, I find it hard to maintain position for AFK farming because I have to equip a dashing skill to maintain the kills. But having Voltaic Pulse as an additional skill boosts my skill usage cycle, as it is an AoE skill with only a 6-second cooldown, allowing me to maintain my KPM high without needing to worry about my character moving too far from the starting point. This skill is also pretty useful in PvP, but for me, it suits PvE best.
  • For PvP: Earth's Calling

    • As we know, some of Overdrive's properties have been removed, reducing Igneous' capability to lock down a target to land a combo of Aqua Jail Explosion and Bolide of Destruction. In that case, Earth's Calling can be another tool to do so. Starting with 2 charges, it allows us to engage or disengage easier.




  • For PvE: Bolide of Destruction

    • Adding an extra skill with massive damage and a huge AoE surely increases the Wizard's farming ability. Although some adventurers might find it unnecessary, having such a good skill as a reserve might come in handy sometimes.
  • For PvP: Overdrive or Bolide of Destruction

    • Both of these skills are good for PvP. Depending on your playstyle, you can use Overdrive to charge forward and chain it with DPS or lock the enemy down with Earth's Calling and combo them down with Bolide of Destruction for damage.



Woosa is an amazing character, but she's gradually being overshadowed by Choryeong and other newer characters. However, by granting her some additional skills, I'm sure we can make Woosa great again.

  • For PvE: Blooming Death

    • Woosa already has a neat set of skills for PvE, centered on her Stormfall, allowing her to clear a large number of monsters at once. By adding Blooming Death to her skill set, she can reach even farther enemies, turning her into a formidable killing machine once again.
  • For PvP: Perilous Waltz

    • Although Woosa is equipped with a decent PvP skill set, she lacks tools to defend herself or escape from danger. Adding Perilous Waltz to her skill set will allow her to dash and evade attacks. We can argue to use Blooming Death instead, but the new damage based on the distance system will clearly be a disadvantage for us.



Choryeong, initially causing a huge rage in the player base due to her OP-ness, has gradually been nerfed into just a decent character. However, she still needs some additional tools to improve her performance, especially in PvP.

  • For PvE: Cloudcarve

    • Due to the removal of the charge count on her Blooming Death, Choryeong isn't performing as she used to. By adding Cloudcarve to her skill set, it will improve her ability to maintain cooldown and resources on farming, as Cloudcarve itself is a pretty decent farming tool.
  • For PvP: Stormhold

    • After some nerfs on her Mark of The Moon, Choryeong is only equipped with two escape skills, without a defensive skill to hold her ground anymore. This makes her a glass cannon character. Equipping Stormhold in her skill set will increase her ability to stand her ground and allow her to launch counterattacks.



If Woosa was overshadowed by Choryeong, then Maegu is overshadowed by Woosa. The close release schedule makes her somewhat "forgotten". However, depending on her HP recovery and attack range, Maegu is actually a good character, especially if we give her additional tools to boost her performance.

  • For PvE: Emberclaw Torrent

    • Emberclaw Torrent can enhance Maegu's ability to provide more sources of damage to kill clusters of monsters. The skill leaves Foxfire Zone, which deals damage over time in the area it's laid upon to the monsters.
  • For PvP: Twirling Rhapsody

    • Twirling Rhapsody performs very well on Hwaryeong as one of her main skills, knocking enemies up while dashing through them. This is useful for Maegu to defend herself when she gets jumped by melee enemies. Providing her with MP recovery, then this skill will be a great combat tool for her.



Known for her durability supported by her invincibility-granting skills, Hwaryeong is a good brawler character. And we can improve her even more.

  • For PvE: Spirit : Petal Storm

    • In PvE, we sometimes unequip skills with high cast times to increase Hwaryeong's performance against monsters. By adding Spirit : Petal Storm, we can improve her farming speed. This relatively low cast time AoE skill, with lingering damage for a few seconds, is perfect to clear clusters of monsters.
  • For PvP: Charm : Sunflash

    • Often, when playing as Hwaryeong, I find myself charging forward without any ability to retreat, leading to difficult situations. To solve that problem, I use Charm : Sunflash to escape danger, charge forward, and even retreat to reset my combo.



Drakania is one of the characters that we can play with various combat styles, either aggressive, defensive, or mixed. I always enjoy exploring new combat styles with her. I even named a counterattack move as "Baseball", which I use to tackle rushers in the arena. By activating the buff skill and providing Drakania with Ionic Charge, and holding down Wings of Ruin, I blast the enemy away.

  • For PvE: Aerial Burst

    • Drakania isn't a character for farming, I might say. Having only high damage skills but with slow cast time and small AoE makes her a slow farmer. To increase her farming speed, adding Aerial Burst to the skill set will do the trick. With the pattern of her skill usage, Aerial Burst and Ground Zero shouldn't be casted in a brief window, allowing her to eliminate more monsters than she used to.
  • For PvP: Savage Decree

    • Playing defensively as Drakania is quite challenging, as she heavily depends on her Markhtanan's Flight and Dragon Glide, forcing us to rely on our counterattack. By Equipping Savage Decree, we can use the skill to force the enemy back while fighting defensively or combine it with Vorpal Thrust to charge and zone the enemy before combo-ing them down.



As another class that supports various combat styles, Shai is pretty fun to play as. The playstyle can be spread around poking, disabling, and healing. But often times, it is difficult to set her role in combat, which is why we need succession skills to increase her performance.

  • For PvE: Pulse Beat

    • Pulse Beat can fix the issue of Shai being a "lack of damage" class as another offensive ability. Combined with the other skills, Pulse Beat can maintain the rhythm of the damage flow from Shai to perform quick and efficient farming.
  • For PvP: Summer Rain

    • Shai's healing support ability is a special ability in Black Desert Mobile, which allows her to heal allies while in combat. The sustainability provided by Shai isn't insignificant, but if we can double it down, why not?



Scholar, being the latest class released, currently sits in a somewhat unstable position in terms of power level within Black Desert Mobile's roster of characters. However, with the introduction of succession skills, we have the opportunity to establish a more solid playstyle for her.

  • For PvE: Hammer Smash

    • As a melee character, Scholar tends to be a bit slow in farming. Adding Hammer Smash to her farming skill set can significantly increase her farming speed. With its relatively low cast time, large AoE, and powerful damage, Hammer Smash proves to be an effective tool for clearing mobs efficiently.
  • For PvP: Hammer Rush

    • Incorporating Hammer Rush into her PvP skill set provides another means of initiating an attack on the enemy. This skill applies stun on hit, which is useful for locking down opponents and starting our combo chain. Alternatively, Hammer Smash can also be utilized in PvP due to its massive AoE, which can help apply the bound effect to the enemy.

But, at what cost?

Succession Skills can be freely chosen from the two options available, and they can be changed at will using a Succession skillbook, available for purchase from the pearl shop for only 90 Black pearls.


Ultimately, the choice of skills should be based on individual understanding and preference. While I may not be an expert strategist, I believe that the best playstyle is one that aligns with the player's strengths and preferences. Feel free to correct me if you find any inaccuracies, and please share your ideas below.

Good luck and have fun.





2024-02-06 11:38