How to Live - [Black Desert Mobile Guide]
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For Everyone who new to this world, like me. This guide is open for Everyone (Visitor, F2P or P2W).

Saving resources is the most wise to be a ______


Introduction :

1. What do you need to know drop has its own chance, we cannot control it. What we can is resource and how you manage it.

2. There are 2 kind of resources in this game SILVER and PEARL (White and Black). You can convert white pearl to black but you can't do the opposite.

3. Once you creat your char : 3.1 Do Quest 3.2 Equip Highest Armor and Weapon you got FREELY 3.3 Wise to choose your Guild

4. Do not ask "im xxx class what equip or stat should i have"

5. For more read bellow


Character Guide :

1. You can choose one of 5 class in lattest update (Warrior, Valkyrie, Giant, Archer, and Witch)

2. In Costumized your own or download other player costumization from top-left corner from your screen (Beauty Album)

Download other player costumization

3. Warrior and Valkyrie : you can try this class freely cause their weapon and armor is identical

other class need you to buy weapon


How to Begin :

1. Once you finished your character creation you can start adventuring

2. You will given free armor-weapon (equipment), and accecories (ACC). Once you get tutorial enchanting them, enchan them with all black stones you have.

Note : You can transfer your enchan lvl to other equipment (EQ) you wish but you can not transfer ACC enchan.

3. Black Desert know only Combat Power (CP), do not ask "im lvl xx where to hunt" but ask "im xxx CP where to hunt"

Note : You can hunt whenerver you can, some people dont want to hunt in spot that consumes a lot of potion.

4. Do quest whenever until you hit 55 it gives you a lot of reward, especially EXP, when you stuck do grinding. Where? Whenever it fit you, you can check drop list in Map.

5. Black Spirit - Feed him with every EQ and unused ACC. Black spirit will boost your Atk, Def, and HP. The best way to feed black spirit is from Shakatu Shop

Note : Click Auto Arrange - Choose at leat green to feed to your black spirit. Since it your first time you maybe need blue or purple EQ

Wise Choice : Buy Purple Armor and Weapon Kalas from market as fast as posible. You can use it untill you hit 50

Auto Arrange


Guild :

1. In the introduction of guild war you need to be wise choosing guild, every guild can declare war to each other. Declaring war mean "street fighter". You are new, you dont have power to fight, entering your guild war in earlie game will be your bad day.

2. Once you left guild you need to wait 24 hours real time to be able join another guild

3. You need to ask guild leader about Guild Boss Schedule. Important for you to find guild that have schedule suit you

Note : it only give you some reward that not vital for your character like 1 HP and junk, the system just like Boss Rush

4. Ask them Guild Node Shcedule it give you Black Stone Shack if you win it

5. Better for you to Join Guild Whenever you ready for it.


- equipment and Accecories Guide bellow will help you ready facing it -


Equipment Guide :

1. You already have set of Puple Equipment of Kalas

2. You have to decide saving or enchanting it. Enchanting will cost you some silver while in the same place you need to buy Yellow EQ

3. The best yellow EQ is Grunil Armor, Grunil Helmet, Grunil Shoes, Grunil Gloves, Liverto Weapon, and Rossar Sub-Weapon. If you find other yellow from hunting monster use it as your temporary yellow. You will use it until you have Orange EQ.

Note : it name depend on class you are choosing, it can be Liverto Staff or Rossar Ornamental Knot (for Giant)


Accecories Guide :

1. Dont waste your black pearl to buy ACC other than Yellow or Orange. It is expensive but it will forever item for you

Important : Some player will convince you to use purple but dont buy it even they said that F2P use purple. it because they use it before lattest update.

Yellow ACC

- as i state above Purple ACC will not get the bonuses only Yellow and Red -

2. Choosing Yellow ACC. There are 3 types of option you can choose from Yellow ACC. We have 5 types of ACC Ring, Necklace, Earings, Belt, and Braclet. Every types have 3 option you can choose bellow :

3. Red ACC has 2 kind of option bellow:


- until this guide is made Red ACC is the most expensive ACC -

- depend on the player which ACC to have -



Status Cap :

Before choosing your Orange EQ and Yellow ACC. Once again, ORANGE EQ and YELLOW ACC you need to know stat gap, you cannot pass it what ever you try. This is Character Gap :

Wise Choice : Calculate your EQ - ACC stat wisely, cause market has 30% tax. it is not wise to buy and resell if you math is bad


Managing Resources :


1. Once you have your 1st 400 pearl use it to buy pet. You can buy it by tapping peal shop it lies on featured item, it refreshed every week.

2. Once you have all yellow set of EQ you can check market to buy pet on sale. you can buy it with 2.000.000 silver or wait next week to buy your 3rd pet

Note : pet is important for you to have at least 3 before hitting 3000 CP or before hunting at Hidden Monastery

3. After you have 3 pet save your black pearl for ACC. you can buy it either from market or ACC shop (Pearl shop > adds on > ACC)

4. You will earn at most 25 black pearl daily from task

Note : Use 3 of it to buy 3 chicken soup in black pearl > misc > general goods. It refresh daily. You can save 22 black pearl daily.

5. Safe your black pearl to buy ACC in market or ACC shop

Note : you can convert white pearl to black pearl (1:1) in pearl shop > pearl > convert


1. Once you have all Yellow Liverto, Rossar, Grunil EQ. Safe your silver to buy Orange EQ or get your own Orange EQ.

Farm Spot :

CP 1800 : North Chapelon at Troll or Ancient Troll, it will drop until you lvl 54. Junk Prize @600 silver

Note : This is the better spot than Catfistmen or Mansha

After Hitting 55

CP 2600  : South Chapelon at Hidden Monastery to Obtain a Red Ring

CP 2800 : Southwest Chapelon Either at Witch Soldier for Silver or South Mediah at Rhutum Guard for Orange Weapon

CP 3400 : Cron Castle, Mutated Obsidian-Chimera, or Ferryd Tuny-Davo

CP 3400+ : you can decide yourself

2. Enchanting gear is best to make it 100% it more safe for your silver

Note : Do 100% until +30 afterward do it 10%. Because purple (Good Black Stone) only give 0.26 for orange EQ and 0.33 for Yellow EQ. Before +30 you still can effort it to 100%

3. After you make your EQ to +35 you can try to enchan your ACC to +3

Note : ACC is different from EQ. EQ dont need you to restore if enchanting failure while ACC will drop to +0 if you fail to enchan and not retore it.

Important : ACC will start to fail from +2 to +3 it will cost you a lot of silver to restore it, description bellow:

Credit to my friend : Yoombi - Heidel - America Server


- you really need to manage your resourcess carefully for Accecories -


4. You can have more silver by selling some resources like Breath or Life or Breath of Creation you got from life skill but do not sell books

Note : You need to decide as fast as possible you main class, if you are looking for a class not yet present you can sell your books

5. Sell one slot EQ you really dont want to use it


Managing Camp :

1. Have maximum number of worker you can have

2. Start from white - slowly upgrade it

3. Have only one Yellow worker with high dexterity


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which area to farm before witch chapel?

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