[Black Desert Mobile Guide] - Node: Why and when to start using.
# 1
I bet you also asked yourself this question:
Why would i occupy my workers on Node instead of letting them collect resources for me?

Here is the answer!

Node mode is very benefit for a long run, becasue you can get:

~Black Pearls
~Skill Books AP/HP/DP...
~Black Stones
~Ancient Tablets
~Gold Coins
~Boss Stamps

The next question is: When is the best time to start using Node?

You should start using Node after your camp has evolved well. Make this:

1. Camp level 5 with 25 worker.
2. Food storage level 10.
3. Gem production level 10.
4. Dye station.
5. Animal cage level 10, with Lamb on it.
6. Storage box level 10.

I hope this guide helped you a little about the Node.

Best regards, Sevend.
2020-01-10 14:36