Land of the Morning Light Black Shrine Strategy
# 1

Hello Adventurers,


Black Shrine Bosses Strategy

This topic focuses on the new boss of the Black Shrine, on how to defeat them with any difficulties. I hope you guys will learn a lot and can defeat the bosses with higher difficulty/Calamity easily. Before we start the main topic or boss mechanics we need to consider few things. Below are the things that need to consider first (applicable to other bosses too):

  • Food (with high HP recovery)
  • Class Skills (Forward Guard, Super Armor and Invincibility)
  • Buffs
  • Check Weaken boss state (Optional)
  • Shrine Energy (good combinations will make you invulnerable and undefeated) – Try every combination depends on the boss. Best: 9 AP 1 revive (will instant regenerate to 10% HP with few second invulnerability)
  • Practice (Boss behavior, environment, good timing, and mechanics). Practice! Practice! Practice!

Let’s GO!

New Bosses

  • Duoksini
  • Bamboo Legion


Environment – Open field (might be due to the 2-3 large lightning circle on the ground on HPx15 – HPx0)

Behavior – change behavior when you reach certain HP.

  • HPx20 – HPx15: AOE skills (mostly circle with huge damage) but easy to dodge with good timing. Skill with no indicator deal minimal damage.
  • HPx15 – HPx10: AOE skills (mostly circle with huge damage), summon lightning that can cause huge damage (use dodge skill to avoid floor with lightning cause it will inflict knockdown), Maintain close distance (Duoksini will spam range skill with high damage and wide and long distance), summon minions (use skills that will hit every minions, use serrett branch).
  • HPx10 – HPx0: Same but with high damage. Instant recovery when the HP drops to x4 (will regenerate back to x10), use skill vacuum.

Mechanics – Actually none, just focus on the boss behavior.

Good skill timing (including forward guard and invincibility), dodge timing, proper use of invincibility (to avoid getting hit by lightning) and proper aim of skills (will hit the boss and minions). Always focus on the indicator skills and use sidesteps to maintain close distance. Don’t worry too much on minions cause it will do small damage but the only problem is they can block you.




Environment – Open field (unlimited minions hahaha!, so avoid getting block by them and careful with ARCHERS!)

Behavior – change behavior when you reach certain HP.

  • HPx20 – HPx15: usually skills with indicator (easy to dodge).
  • HPx15 – HPx10: Summon beacon of fortitude (prioritize to destroy it), more minions
  • HPx10 – HPx0: keep on summoning beacon of fortitude, more minions with leaders (leaders also have skill indicator- easy to dodge). High damage.

Mechanics –1st: kill the two leaders for the boss to spawn. 2nd: focus on destroying the Beacon of Fortitude.

Always focus on the Beacon of Fortitude (to remove the enemy buffs coming from the beacon), good timing of skills (will hit boss and minions especially archers) and dodge (as always). Avoid getting blocked by minions and use serrett branch for extra targets. Bamboo Legion is much easier to handle compare to Duoksini, just focus on the mechanics.


I think that’s all I can share. For me good timing will make you invulnerable and undefeated and understanding the bosses behaviors and mechanics are the most important thing. Practice dodging and good timing will also help you to increase your gameplay or PVP play. For me, these bosses will make you good at everything in arena. If you finish the Calamity 5, try to finish it using manual because in arena there is no AUTO haha!

Thanks for reading my Strategies! If you have more to input or to add don’t forget to add/comment or make your own strategies! Good luck and have a good boss fight! See yah on the next Strategy event I will make sure to share more strategies on different bosses and other things :))).




2023-11-20 06:24