Land of the Morning Light Black Shrine Strategy
# 1

Hello Adventurers,


It's me 一нeяsнeуs一 :))) I'm here to give you some strategies for the New BOSS! :)) FIGHTING! :)))


These guides are for the strategy on how to defeat the new boss on the black shrine, but most of these can also be applicable to other bosses (if you’re not yet done with Calamity 4 to 5), including the incoming black shrine boss.

*All photos, stats, skills are based on my main character (Choryoung).

New Boss:

  • Duoksini – King of the Dokkebi

  • The Bamboo Legion


List below the key things that you need to consider before proceeding with the black shrine bosses, especially if you want to finish / complete Calamity 4 and 5.

  • Class – Play with a class you are good at, but you also need to consider some classes with forward guard (FG) and invincible skills.
  • Skills – Choose and spam skills with Super Armor (SA) (to avoid stun, knockback, bound, daze, and freeze), FG and invincibility (to avoid direct damage and ignore damage while casting). *Some classes don’t have invincibility skills and invincibility skills do lower damage, so consider spamming FG more than invincibility skills. Invincibility skills are more applicable to huge Area of Effect (AOE) skills and continuous damage AOE (especially during Boss Phase 3 and Phase 4 (berserk mode)).
    • For the skill branch, put at least one (1) serrett skill for HP sustain but not too much because this will lower your damage (*if you have a lot of +Hp% regeneration imprints, you can use damage branch only). Also, serrett for additional number of monsters since most of the black shrine bosses have or summoning some minions to join the battle.


  • Imprints – HP% regeneration (HP regen from potions, HP on hit and evade) will be great since one (l) potion in morning light is applicable in black shrine (1 normal pots and 1 food). Also, MP imprint for the MP users are the best! J (this is also applicable to my class Choryoung (**additional tips!!! – MP user choryoung can give additional orb per skill if your MP regen is high ;)). Other stats imprint will do if your stats not yet MAX.


  • Pets – three (3) AP pet will do if your boss damage is already MAX, if not you can use two (2) AP and one (1) boss pet. Hp pets will also do the trick for additional sustain but need to consider your damage.


  • Black Shrine Buff (Energy) – this depends on your gameplay/ playstyle. But most of the player will focus on AP (10/10) to maximize their damage, some will use HP regen on hit for sustain. AP (5/10) and DP (5/10) balance will also do the trick. But for me, I’m using AP (9/10 to maximize damage) and revive in black shrine (1/3; revive instantly with 10% max HP and I think invulnerable in few second). Using revive in black shrine will avoid instant death (especially in Calamity 5 where bosses damage can do one (1) hit. Also, the other advantage of this you can fight head on if the boss HP is x2/x1 because of instant revive and invulnerable for few second and will also help you if you’re running out of time because of dodging every deadliest skills.



  • Etc (including foods and other buffs) – use of foods (with high HP regen if possible), horse buff, Battle of the Sun (BOTS) buff, Bloodkin buff , dark matter for Black Spirit skills and buff.


Play style strategy

Proper use of skills and timing using FG to maximize damage without being damage and invincible skill is a must. Use invincible skill directly to the enemy (to do some damage while dodging) or side step (to maintain distance from the boss) and use dodge for the continue damage. *tips for choryoung class (since I’m using choryoung), spamming blooming death (FG) and soul shower (SA), use waltz skills with proper timing (side step or directly to enemy to deal some damage) then spam again(*Spam skills -> Waltz ->Spam->waltz). Use buff for additional damage. Use dodge and absolute butterfly (Hold for additional cast; invincible) for continuous damage. Maintain dodge count to avoid every skill and fight head on when the boss HP drops to x1 using FG, SA and 1/3 instant revive (black shrine energy). *Use auto skills at PHASE 1 to 2 and you can use manual from Phase 3 – 4.



For Bosses, understanding their skills, timing, environment, HP (phase 1 -4) can help you plan or strategize your next move. You can also consider the weaken state (but for me this is optional because I finished all bosses Calamity 5 using every strategy I mentioned above).




If you’re all set!! Let’s proceed with the main topic (Strategy on how to defeat the new bosses). **this is calamity 5 strategy so it will be applicable to lower Calamity.

Duoksini – King of the Dokkebi

  • Phase 1 (HP x20 – x15)
    • AOE skills (knockback on hit)
    • Grab
  • Phase 2 (HP x15 – x10)
    • Summon soldier
    • Powerful AOE skills (daze on hit and knockback on last hit)
    • Long range (knockdown) – will spam if you are too far from the boss so maintain distance.
    • Lightning (seen on the ground and can do huge damage )
    • Grab
  • Phase 3 (HP x10 – x6)
    • Boss damage increase
    • Same with Phase 2
  • Phase 4 (HP x6; HP x10 – 0)
    • Same with Phase 2
    • Boss HP regen up to x10
    • Powerful vacuum attack
    • Same with phase 2 and 3

Maintain distance from the boss cause Duoksini will spam long range skills (high damage and knockdown on hit) and wide AOE. Starting Phase 2, avoid standing on the lightning area cause it will do massive damage (can 1hit on calamity 5 and also if you don’t have defense energy) and also inflict stun/daze! Proper positioning or casting of skills that will hit the boss including the minions and make sure to lock the boss (most applicable to choryoung since sari flower focused on the locked monster and sari flower also one of the main damage).


The Bamboo Legion

  • Phase 1 (two (2) bosses)
    • Bamboo Legion Spearman Leader
    • Bamboo Legion Archer Leader
    • Unlimited Soldiers/Minions
  • Phase 2 (x20 – x15)
    • Bamboo Legion Lieutenant Spawn (boss)
    • Two (2) Beacon of Fortitude
    • Unlimited Soldiers/Minions
  • Phase 3 (x15 – x10)
    • Boss damage increase (?)
    • Three (3) Beacon of Fortitude
    • Unlimited Soldiers/Minions
    • Bamboo Legion Spearman, Swordsman, Archer Leader
  • Phase 4 (x10 – x0)
    • Boss damage increase (?)
    • Three (3) Beacon of Fortitude
    • Unlimited Soldiers/Minions – damage increase (?)
    • Bamboo Legion Spearman, Swordsman, Archer Leader – damage increase (?)

Proper positioning when using skills (FG skills) that will hit the boss and the minions/soldiers. Focus on destroying the beacon of fortitude (to exhaust or to lessen the damage of minions (?)). Spam skills that will hit the boss, minions and the beacon of fortitude (don’t forget to lock the boss for the sari flower damage). Correct timing using the perilous waltz and using absolute butterfly to transfer from one beacon to another and spam skills directly to the boss, soldiers and beacon of light. For phase 3-4 where bamboo legion leaders will spawn, try to avoid direct hit because it will do some serious damage and also there is also an indicator similar to the boss. Use of serrett will do the trick to lessen the soldiers and proper use of FG will ignore damage from the boss and soldiers.

So it’s simple. Use FG skills, serrett branch, focus on the beacon of fortitude (hit the beacon of fortitude with soldiers and boss), and avoid direct hit from the leaders and boss (with indicators). *Use dodge or mobility skills to transfer from one beacon to another. Fight head-on from x2 to x1 (if you equip the instant revive energy).


That's all!! I hope you can defeat the new boss!!! as I mentioned above, you can also use some of the strategy to other bosses or to the incoming bosses :))


Have a great day! I hope you learned a lot!! Good luck to your black shrine boss. Have a good fight!

Congratulations in advance :)) FIGHTING!!!





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