Land of the Morning Light Black Shrine Strategy
# 1

Black Shrine Complete Guide and Mechanics
Bambo Legion and Doukshini the Minion Masters in the Land of the Morning Light (Difficulty 1 to 5)


Reminder: Always run bosses that are weakened as shown in the picture.

Weakened Aura changes per week

Bamboo Legion (Crippling Minion Master)


- Change your Skills to Forward Guard instead of Super Armor. Bamboo Legion summons minions and cripples you with debuffs.
- The best strategy is ''Wall Hug'' while facing your skills towards the beacon (Lamps). Doing this will help you destroy the beacons' faster while doing damage to the Bamboo Legion. 

- Every time a beacon is destroyed move to the next beacon that is lit and do the same strategy. Don't worry to much about the Boss, ''He will come to you''. 

- Bamboo Legions attacks are basic frontal and cleaving skills which takes time to charge. Utilize front guard on each attack.
- Focus on killing those beacons. The more beacons lit the more summons it calls thus cripples you with so many debuffs. 
- When Bamboo Legion's hp lowers to x5 ignore all beacons and focus on dps. You probably have less time so bombard the boss with skills while utilizing front guard, mobility skills and Invincible skills. 
Highlight Tip:
Kill the Beacon

(Energy Allocation) 

Semi DPS build depending on class and cp
Difficulty 1 :  dp and ap : any allocation
Difficulty 2 :  dp and ap : any allocation
Difficulty 3 :  dp: 4 ap: 6
Difficulty 4 :  dp: 4 ap: 6
Difficulty 5 :  dp: 3 ap: 7 or dp: 4 ap: 6


Douksini (Lightning DPS Minion Master)


- Prefer ''highly mobile class with invincible skills''. Front Guard won't work much on this boss.
- Big tip stay near Douksini as much as possible. Do not let douksini cast his long range attacks. This atack maybe predictable but expect huge amount of damage or worst 1 hit K.O.

- Douksini launches wide range aoe attacks predicatble and can be easily evaded. 
- Douksini Grabs and wipe your face to the ground be careful. 
- Douksini summons his lightning Minions. Normal attacks of those minions doesn't hurt that much but becareful when Douksini drinks, its a sign for the minnons to launch wide range aoe lightning attacks.  Use mobility skills and Invicible skills to evade the minions. If ever you get too far to douksini make sure to get close to him again to prevent him from launching long range attacks. 
- Douksini Drinks and rejuvinate his HP so be careful not to be so overconfident about Douksinis' hp runnung up low.  
- Repeat the process. Mobility skills but close to douksini. Try to navigate all minions to one side so AOE atacks would stay there. DPS DPS you probably have less time remaining. 
Highlight Tip:
Highly Mobile Class with Invincible skills.

(Energy Allocation) 

Blanace build depending on class and cp
Difficulty 1 :  dp and ap : any allocation
Difficulty 2 :  dp and ap : any allocation
Difficulty 3 :  dp: 5 ap: 5
Difficulty 4 :  dp: 5 ap: 5
Difficulty 5 :  dp: 4 ap: 6 or dp: 5 ap: 5 (Readjust DP base on your class)

Best of luck Adventurers and remember, never give up just keep trying. Cheers!

BY: Raijin雷様 (Asia)

2023-11-19 01:25