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Bamboo Legion Calamity 5 guide

The Bamboo lieutenant is one enjoyable boss to fight especially if you are into mechanics. You do have to consider the mobs as they will continue to spawn in this boss fight if you dont follow the mechanics. Dont worry we help you prepare for this in order for you to complete calamity 5 difficulty


Manage Energy:

Attack 5 levels
Defence 5 levels

This setup will help you deal enough damage and tank hits while you prioritize doing the mechanics. It is also a safe setup to compensate for some lag which may be the deal breaker if you have Atk lv10.

Fairy Skills:
Extra Evasion Charge +1
AP against all monster +500
DP against all monster +500
Damage against all Monsters +10%

Pets : All pets with boss damage +%

Additional Damage + (1sec cd)
MP on hit % (depending on your class)

Let's get into the fight!!


Upon entering you will meet two elite mobs which both have 20x hp. It is apparent that you take them down as fast as possible (30 seconds if capable) as prolonging your fight with them will eat up alot of your time to fight the boss. The def 5 will be great for this as you can basically face tank these two and some adds without any problem. Once you have dealt with the 2 elites the main boss fight will ensue.


20x - 16x

After dispatching the two elite mobs the Bamboo Lt will appear. When this happes look around and check which Stone Lantern are starting to lit up. Get there as fast a you can and stop it immediately. Do not worry about the luring the boss as he will automatically chase you down wherever you go. There will be 3 lanterns blue white and yellow that you need to stop. Once you have done this focus on draining the boss HP to 15x.

15x - 10x

The boss will say a few lines which means a bit of change of mechanics and damage. He will summon more add too at this point so it is apparent that you fight the boss at the Stone lantern which is starting to light up. Again do not worry about luring the boss as he will go to you when you try to stop the lanterns.

10x - End

Upon draining the boss hp to 10x he will then again say a few lines to signify mechanic changes. HE will be much tougher at this point and he wil do succesive combos to kill you while calling upon a horde of mobs to pin you down.
You will have to rely heavy of FG based skills and use your Invi wisely to deal damage while taking out the lanterns. Do not drain your dodge counts as you will need them at 5x to end.

When the boss HP reaches 5x it is now a trade ff battle. You can stay at one lantern and face tank the boss as at this point you will need to focus on him because the damage he takes are surpirsingly less. Just make sure you utilize dodge and invi properly as to not to succumb to mobs trying to pin you down. Hiding behind the lantern while using mid range skill will greatly help in keeping the boss and mobs at bay.

There you go. If you are able to follow this guide you are simply going to easily finish Bamboo Lt Calamity 5. enjoy!

Class Recommendations : Hwaryeong, Berserker, Choryeong, Spiritwalker, Lancer, Paladin, Igneous, Phantasma

IGN: 회색
Server: Asia
2023-11-18 04:53