Land of the Morning Light Black Shrine Strategy
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A detailed guide : Douksini Calamity 5 guide for Paladins

The Douksini Dokebi King boss is one tough boss to fight if you main a Paladin. You will have to butt heads with him and avoid lightning strikes every now and then. Paladin's best strengths as of the current is her spammable Forward Guard + Invincibility mechanics using Sacred Power. You do have to be careful because the boss can grab you and if this happens while at low health, it will be the end of you.

Before you take the boss on here are some things that you can prepare that greatly helps you.


Radiant Charge : ensure to set on Forward Guard instead of SA
Shield Chase : ensure to set on Forward Guard instead of SA

Both skills are spammable FG that can be utilized also to gather Sacred Power for you to deal devastating damage with your Sword of Judgement skill

Pets : Let your Boss Rush focused Pets join in the fun since CP in Black Shrine is only 10% applied.


Manage Energy:

Defence 7 levels
HP+ 2 levels
Revive in Blackshrine 1 level just in case you get grabbed

This setup will help tank hits as occasional bursts of lightning go through your forward guard. It is also a safe setup to compensate for some lag which may be the deal breaker if you have Atk lv10.


Fairy Skills:
Extra Evasion Charge +1
AP against all monster +500
DP against all monster +500
Damage against all Monsters +10%


Additional Damage + (1sec cd)
MP on hit % at least 20% total so u can gain back mana
*special note on this even tho the imprint says MP on hit, when being used by Pally she can gain mana while using the skills. If you have 20% mana your paladin will have a full bar with just 2 Shield Chase usage.*

Let's get into the BOSS FIGHT

The actual fight is pretty straight forward. It's more of a battle of survival rather than dealing damage. Dokebi king in my opinion is one of the squishiesh boss even at calamity 5 but the adds and lightning burst hit like a truck. Oftentimes they are dealt to you in situations when you can barely dodge. If there is a lightning telegraph and then the boss grabs you, it's auto KO if you dont have resu 1 tho this sequence is rare.

20x - 16x

You can use auto battle at this point as Douksini would barely o anything aside from the ocassional combo or lightning. you can save your energy in controlling your character at this phase but be mindful to dodge and keep a safe distance unless you will deal Smite burst on the boss. before the boss hp hits 15x cancel auto battle and resume control.


15x - 10x

The boss will boast to show you how great his lightning is and this signifies the start of the true battle. . He will summon small dokebi mages to help him out in the fight. It would be great if you can clear out the adds while battling but if not dont force it as you will be short on time if you go for the adds/mobs. Killing them will only make the king summon a new batch anyway so it's better to focus on Douksini. in this phase Lightning strikes will be increased to 3 telegraphs and the damage of each are greatly improved. Dont get yourself entangled between two overlapping lightning circles as this can deal enough damage to almost kill you. Douksini himself is still pretty slow at this point with an occasinal grab or two. As a Paladin you can negate the grab mechanic by simply using Divine Wrath whenever you attack the boss. Celestial Spear > Divine Wrath > Sword of Judgement will give you a clean damage without getting grabbed.


10x - 5x

Upon draining the boss hp to 10x he will then again say a few lines to signify mechanic changes. HE will be much tougher at this point and he wil do succesive combos to kill you while calling upon a horde dokebis to kill you.
You will have to rely heavy of FG based skills and use your Invi wisely to deal damage while avoiding the lightnings. Do not drain your dodge counts as you will need them at 5x to end. Staying at the bosses rear will heal a lot as most lightnings are telegraphed in front of the boss. Divine wrath again will help you go thru and behind the boss faster as compared to shield charging around as there is a chance for you to ge grabbed while charging.


5x to End

When the boss HP reaches 5x it is now a heavy battle of survival because the damage he takes are surpirsingly less but the lightning damage could drain your full health to 1/4 even with def 10. Just make sure you utilize dodge and invi properly as to not to succumb to mobs trying to pin you down. He will also do the grab more often so be mindful to keep a safe distance if your divine wrath is on CD. You will have to juggle between shield chase to tank the lightning and divine wrath to avoid being grabbed. IF you do this properly it will be smooth sailing until the boss dies

There you go. If you are able to follow this guide you are simply going to easily fiish Douksini Dokebi King at Calamity 5.

Enjoy and see you around adventurer!

Class Recommendations if you dont have Paladin: Hwaryeong, Berserker, Choryeong, Spiritwalker, Lancer, Igneous, Phantasma

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