Land of the Morning Light Black Shrine Strategy
# 1
Family Name: JunKwang
Sever Region: Asia



"Dokkebi guys need some help, Bamboo Legion is coming!" let's try to do this :3

Don't forget to prepare your character! by JunKwang


Class Recommend

Front Guard and Invincible status still is key to fighting bosses, you can use your main character to try first!

Now, these class who is the best for fight with Duoksini is Invincible classs or range class is the best choose! (Hwaryeong, Choryeong, Baccaneer etc.), Front Guard status can't use with him in my experience. Bamboo Legion Lieutenant aoe skill is good for clear their army and Front Guard status is so useful to fight him (Igenous, Berserker, Choryeong etc.).


Manage Energy Building

- For pass Calamity 5 / Beginner: AP 5 / DP 5 (start to learn about the macanics, Easy Pass, Semi-Auto)

Auto Fighting Lover: AP 3 / DP 7 (love to auto fighting, no dogde their skill)

Expert: AP 10 (fastest clear, good mancanics knowledge with bosses)



Aggressive play and tactical evasion is important while fighting with Duoksini, When you attack, keep you eye on the red circle on the ground. It's so helpful for suvive and don't try being too close is a risk due to his grab ability.


75% HP | x15 PHASE "Dokkebi Soldiers”: The boss will summon soldiers (Blue flame) and slam attack is upgraded


25% HP | x5 PHASE “Crush and Subdue!”: Duoksini will pull in enemies and deals damage around him. and heals yourself immediately (HPx5)



- The lightning area is happen when after 75% HP(x15 phase) Duoksini will slam then explodes and creates an electrical area in the blue fire position around him!

- The lightning area will cause debuff movement and attack speed when you touch in area.

- Don't try being too close with normal attack, might get grabbed ability. (Invincible status is safe!)

- Be careful of range attack from Duoksini when you're too far!


Bamboo Legion Lieutenant

Remembering your priorities in doing things to fight is the key to fighting the bamboo pile. The Lieutenant is a boss with predictable and simple attacks, but their army is a problem during your battle.


START PHASE “Archer and Spearman Leader”: there is an elite monster that must be defeated before the Boss can be summoned.


“Beacon of Fortitude” There are also 3 shining beacon around the boss room. If the beacon worked success, their army is summoned in the field. it's made your problem during battle, keep destorying beacons when light is up!


75% HP | x15 PHASE “Light the Beacon!”: The boss will auto summon Archer and Spearman leader and their armys in area (the beacon worked success), need to destroy all lighting beacon first. Otherwise there will be too many reinforcement in the field and you will be get debuff stacking (Attack speed decrease)

Beacons > Leader > Boss


50% HP | x10 PHASE “The Second Light the Beacon!”: The boss will turn on the lights again. Do the same thing as last time!


25% HP | x5 PHASE “The Last Light the Beacon!”:The boss will turn on all the lights last time! Repeat this again or can skip them to focus the boss.


"Hope you guys enjoy with new story tale, goodluck sir" 화이팅!


use the following this video to watching and learn the mancanics here!

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