Land of the Morning Light Black Shrine Strategy
# 1

Skywаlkеr Europe

Preparation for Duoksini and Bamboo Legion Boss Fight 

  1. Energy Points Distribution:
    • Allocate your energy points as follows: 2 points in Attack, 5 in Defense, 2 in HP Recovery, and 1 in Revive. This is a flexible recommendation and can be adjusted based on personal preference and class. However, it's generally advisable to prioritize defense over offense for these bosses and ensure at least 1 point is allocated to Revive.
  2. Consumables:
    • Ensure you have an adequate supply of Medicinal Herb Tea and Meat Roll-ups. In the in-game settings, set Meat Roll-up usage to trigger at 50% health.
  3. Gear Skills and Settings:
    • Optimize your gear for Combat Power (CP). This includes setting your Pizza, Pets, Horse, and any other gear pieces to boost CP. If possible, aim to exceed the required attack and movement speed stats.
    • Change your Super Armor to Front Guard and focus on using skills with Super Armor/Front Guard/Invincibility, if possible. Note that this can be ignored for some classes.
    • Adjust your target settings to ALL TARGETS. This allows you to lock onto the boss during the fight.

Remember that these are general guidelines and might need to be adjusted depending on your specific class and playstyle. The key is to maintain a good balance between offense and defense while ensuring your character is equipped with the right consumables and gear for the fight.

Duoksini Boss Fight

  1. Phase 1 (P1): Maximize Damage and Save Resources
    • Tactics: Utilize single tap FG/Inv/Iframe to evade all attacks. Duoksini's basic attacks are straightforward and particularly easier to dodge for ranged classes.
    • Note: The focus in this phase is on dealing maximum damage while conserving your resources for the later phases.
  2. Phase 2 (P2): "Rude Mr. Kims! Take my lightning!"
    • Trigger: Activates at 16 bars when Duoksini shouts.
    • Key Mechanics: Introduction of blue and yellow spirits; attacks create lightning pools on the ground for about 30 seconds.
    • Strategies:
      • Quickly eliminate blue spirits to prevent Duoksini from self-buffing.
      • Destroy yellow spirits to inhibit Duoksini's HP recovery.
      • Melee classes should be cautious of the semi-circle grab combo attack, which can't be blocked with front guard and often leads to a room reset.
  3. Phase 3 (P3): "The Auras of the Sun and Moon"
    • Trigger: Occurs at 10 bars. Duoksini moves to the center with a sun or moon symbol overhead.
    • Tactics: Defeat the corresponding sun or moon Dokkebi to stun Duoksini for a short period.
  4. Phase 4 (P4): "I will crush and subdue all Mr. Kims!"
    • Trigger: Starts at 5 bars. Duoksini begins using potions and summoning Dokkebi.
    • Strategy: Focus on defeating the Dokkebi with a blue aura to stun Duoksini.
  • "Soldiers! Punish the Mr. Kims!" - This is your cue to stun Duoksini.
  • "Think you can run!" - Indicates you are too far from Duoksini. Use iframe or FG to avoid significant damage.
  • Each phase ramps up in difficulty and introduces new challenges. Maintain a balance between offensive and defensive tactics, and adjust your approach as Duoksini changes tactics. Being adaptable and quick to respond to the boss's cues is key to success in this fight.

Bamboo Legion Boss Fight

  1. Phase 1 (P1): Two Elites

    • Tactics: Eliminate both elite enemies as quickly as possible.
    • Note: The focus in this phase is on dealing maximum damage while conserving resources for the later phases.
  2. Phase 2 (P2): Bamboo Lieutenant

    • Trigger: Spawns after defeating the two elites.
    • Key Mechanics and Strategies:
      • Destroy the Lanterns: This prevents various types of reinforcements from arriving and increases overall survivability. Target add-ons near the lanterns to efficiently handle multiple objectives.
      • Avoid Forest Fog: Stay clear of the forest to prevent the boss fron self healing.
      • Eliminate Titled Monsters Quickly: Follow the "Archer-Swordsman-Spearman-Boss" rule for the best approach to handling add-ons.
      • Monster Types:
        • Scouts: Simple add-ons, often eliminated by AoE attacks.
        • Archers: Kill their captain to debuff them and prevent them from escaping.
        • Swordsmen: Eliminate all their add-ons to stop the captain from performing a cone-shaped significant damage attack.
        • Spearmen: Similar to swordsmen but with less damage themselves and more damage from add-ons.
        • Lieutenant (Boss): Has the last priority. Defeat all three elite warriors to debuff the boss for approximately 10 seconds. Dodge all attacks as they deal significant damage and can knock you down. Stun the boss when it glows purple.
  • Address Summons and Main Mechanics: Don’t overlook the summons and core mechanics of the fight. Although possibly the easiest boss, improper handling of these elements can still lead to difficulty in securing victory. Each group in the Bamboo Army has specific monsters that should be prioritized for defeat.
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