Land of the Morning Light Black Shrine Strategy
# 1


Duoksini is the most difficult boss (alongside Gumiho) because you need to know and follow the mechanics to defeat the boss. You will need to be able to swap targets as needed and be flexible but pay attention to timing for the blue fire attacks at the same time. As the fight goes on, the boss becomes more and more difficult due to the room becoming filled with blue fire. There is also a time limit of 12 minutes for this boss, and if you reach the time limit, a one-shot ability will be used. It is recommended not to use slower classes and be careful with animation locks since there are a lot of skills to dodge and you won’t be able to get a full combo onto the boss before the next mechanic.

Attack Patterns and Mechanics:

  • Basic Attack
    • Duoksini’s basic attack is to attack with his fist first, then swing his bat.
  • Message: “I, Duoksini the Dokkebi King, will punish you all!”
    • This attack is at the very start of the fight. Duoksini will start charging an attack that will pull you toward him for 3 seconds, so don’t rush in straight away.
  • Message: “I will crush and subdue all Mr. Kims!”
    • When Duoksini reaches 80% HP or lower, he will start summoning blue spirits and then yellow spirits for the rest of the boss fight.
    • The spirits are in the shape of a flame and will move around the boss room.
  • Message: “Rude Mr. Kims! Take my lightning!”
    • Blue Spirit: Duoksini charges and then explodes and puts an area of blue fire around him.
      • The attack itself does a lot of damage so don’t stand in the area. The blue flames will remain for the duration of the fight, they don’t do a lot of damage if you stand in them, but don’t underestimate the damage and make sure he does not summon more than one in the same place. If the blue fire starts to stack it does more damage and will make the fight much harder.
      • It is recommended to try and keep the middle of the boss room clear from the blue fire, since in some of the later mechanics, Duoksini can become stunned in the center of the room.
      • After the attack, 2 blue spirits will also be summoned. Make sure to kill both of the blue spirits straight away so they don’t buff Duoksini.
    • Yellow Spirit: 1 second after the blue attack, Duoksini slams his bat down onto the floor. The attack will instantly kill you if you are hit by it.
      • This will summon the 2 yellow souls. Make sure to kill them both straight away so that Duoksini does not recover HP and debuff you.
      • After killing the yellow spirits, move into another area of the boss room ready for the next attack, so that the blue flames do not stack on top of each other.
  • Raises both Arms
    • Duoksini raises both of his arms and pulls the player towards him for a second before dealing an explosive attack. This can deal a lot of damage so make sure to I-frame it or block it. Even with a forward guard, you will take damage.
  • Message: “The auras of the sun and moon will make us stronger!”
    • When Duoksini reaches 50% HP, he moves into the center of the boss room and a sun or moon symbol will appear above Duoksini’s head.
    • If the symbol is red then it is the sun symbol, and if the symbol is blue then it is the moon symbol.
    • A Dokkebi will spawn on the left and right side of the room, and you must kill the correct Dokkebi depending on the sun/moon symbol. The Dokkebi will have the same symbol around them.
    • If you kill the correct Dokkebi, the boss will become stunned for a short period of time.
  • Message: “Soldiers! Punish the Mr. Kims!”
    •  If you use a Stun CC as soon as the message appears, Duoksini will be stunned for a short amount of time.
  • Message: “Do not underestimate the power of kkebifire!”

    • When Duoksini reaches 20 – 25% HP, he moves into the middle of the boss room and drinks from a bottle to start healing himself.
    • 3 Dokkebi Wizards will be spawned in the room. You need to kill the correct Dokkebi, which is the one with the one that has a blue energy-gathering effect (blue lights go into the flame above his staff).
    • If you kill the correct Dokkebi, then the boss will be stunned for a short period of time.


    Bamboo Legion Lieutenant

    Bamboo Legion Lieutenant is considered the easiest of all of the bosses, so is perfect if you want an easy boss to complete, but not recommended if you want to grind for a higher leaderboard rank since there will be more competition

    • There are different groups of the Bamboo Army in different locations around the boss room.
    • In each of the 3 groups, there is an elite monster that must be defeated before the Boss can be summoned.
    • The elite monster is weakened by defeating the “sub-captain” monsters in their group. These are monsters with a white title above their head.
    • Make sure you do not go outside the map area (into the dark fog), since this will reset the HP of whatever group you are fighting.
    • The map below shows the boss room layout and the path you should take to defeat the boss.
      • You can kill the elites in any order, but the fastest route is: Archers > Swordsman > Spearman > Boss
      • The mini-map below has been rotated 180 degrees so it is easier to see which direction to go from the spawn point


    • Bamboo Scouts:
      • The scouts are normal monsters that can be found in all areas of the boss room and are not difficult to defeat. They are very weak but don’t underestimate their damage if multiple hit you at once. You don’t need to kill them for the mechanics.
    • Elite: Bamboo Archer
      • The archer has a “sub-captain” which is a lower-level monster. When you kill the sub-captain, the Archer gets a defense debuff, making it much easier to kill.
      • When the archer is attacked, it runs away in the opposite direction.
    • Elite: Bamboo Swordsman
      • The swordsman will summon weaker  “sup-captain” bamboo scouts to charge in toward you. The scouts have a purple aura around them and once you have killed them all, the elite will get a defense debuff.
      • The swordsman constantly does a cone-shaped attack which can deal quite a bit of damage if you get caught in it.
    • Elite: Bamboo Spearman
      • The spearman has the same mechanic as the swordsman, where he will summon bamboo scouts to charge at you. After killing the “sub-captain” scouts, the elite will get a defense debuff.
      • The spearman has no other mechanics to look out for but has 3 archers that deal damage from range and can hurt a lot if they hit you with back attacks.
    • Boss: Bamboo Legion Lieutenant
      • When the boss is summoned, the 3 elites are also summoned with him. Killing all 3 of the elites will give the boss a DP debuff for 10 seconds.
      • All of the Lietenant’s basic attacks are in a cone shape and will knock down if you are hit by them. There is also follow-up damage from the archers.
      • When the boss has a purple aura effect around him, use a skill with CC to reduce his defenses and stun the boss for a short amount of time.
      • There are also 3 shining blue towers around the boss area for the final boss, you can hit these to destroy them and that will stop the Lieutenant from being able to gather reinforcements.
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