Land of the Morning Light Black Shrine Strategy
# 1

family name : Filhan
server : ASIA
I recommend Choryeong
1. Duoksini
This duoksini is actually very easy, the first step adds 7 AP and 3 evasion cooldown reduction
Avoid lightning and long range attacks from Duoksini,every duoksini attack he will raise his weapon
duoksini type long range but slow attack speed
here the video if you still confused

2. bamboo legion
this bamboo man is short range attack,but the attack speed so fast,i recommend to add 5 AP,2 DP,1 revive,1 evasion cd reduction,1 recover hp when attacking
every bamboo legion want to attack,he will come to you,the range is short and wide,so be carefull
keep the light off,so the mini soldier can't spawn too much,because some of them is reduce your attack speed

2023-11-10 05:32