Land of the Morning Light Strategy
# 1

A very good initial strategy for progressing through the "Land of the Morning" territory is to carefully read the posts dedicated to the "Land of the Morning" area of the Black Desert Mobile game, listed on the Pearl Abyss company server!

...I highly recommend it to all "strategists" here!



[Sep 26 Patch Notes] UPDATES 2023.09.26

Each of the Black Shrine bosses have the Sun, Moon, and Earth Auras.

A specific energy weakens every week. When challenging a boss with weakened energy, the damage increase buff is applied.

Only 10% of the character's CP is applied in the Black Shrine.
Only 10% of the actual AP, including AP stats where buffs are applied, AP Against Monsters, and more will be applied. In the Black Shrine, the "Second Wind" effect of the Savior Rift Totem item does not activate. In the Black Shrine, effects such as "Extra Damage to Bosses" and "Additional HP recovery with HP potions" are not applied.

• In the Black Shrine, you can recover HP by using Medicinal Herb Tea, Mungbean Jeon, Buckwheat Jelly, Dalbeol Gukbap, Moodle Gukbap, and Byeot County Gukbap, which can be purchased at the taverns.

• You can gain 1 Energy Point on each successful first attempt of each difficulty level for each boss. You can gain up to 10 Energy Points. You can use the Energy Points gained to enhance stats from the "Manage Energy" menu.


[10/4 Patch Notes] UPDATES 2023.10.04


[Oct 10 Patch Notes] UPDATES 2023.10.10


[Oct 17 Patch Notes] UPDATES 2023.10.17

• Changed to deal damage from shock when the character destroys the Dangsan Tree while Bari performs her Great General summoning ritual.




I will give an example:
if you have reached CP 50000,
in Black Shine your default (10%) CP will be 5000 - it will probably only be AP 2500
in Manage Energy you can increase your AP by up to 10000 for a total CP of 15000 - it will probably be 12500 AP





The amount of HP reached is preserved in Black Shine.
Medicinal Herb Tea recover 3.5% HP. Have enough in your inventory!

Bonus for 3 victories in Battlefield of the Sun is HP 500, can be used from Monday to Friday. So it is better to pass Black Shine these days!








Strategy to Defeat Golden Pig King at Calamity 5 in Black Shrine



Golden Pig King always warns against his attacks!

All attacks begin from the basic attitude.

Look carefully to escape the attacks in time!





the best time for your attack: Golden Pig King he holds a sword resting on his shoulder and think what is wrong






attack signaling: left hand moving up, right hand shifting the sword behind the back ... a quick attack is coming!
escape timing: once King Golden Pig begins to move up with the left hand





RED AREA EXPLOSION - stabs the sword into the ground
attack signaling: the right hand moves the sword to the ground, then quickly lifts the sword overhead and stabs it into the ground - explosion, shortly before the explosion, the effective explosion zone is marked in red

escape timing: just before the sword stabbing into the ground, the explosion zone is displayed in a red





EXPLOSION YELLOW AREA, RED TERRITORY - stomping into the ground

attack signaling: he puts the sword into the sheath on his back, leans forward and jumps, shortly before impact the effective blast zone on the ground is marked in red.

escape timing: he puts his hands in front of him before jumping up, the red area marker disappears, followed by a hard impact on the ground and a large explosion. The territory near Golden Pig King is not marked with red color... "safe zone"







attack signaling: lifts the sword in front of him, holds it vertically in front of the face, releases a fiery breath (sometimes) and attacks nearly all over the territory marked with red

escape timing: once the attack zone is highlighted in red





EXPLOSION OF THE ENTIRE AREA (BLUE FLAMES) - repeated stabbing of the sword into the ground

attack signaling: right hand moves the sword towards the ground until the sword touches the ground, then raises the sword above the head and stabs it into the ground, a deadly explosion occurs, stabs the sword deeper, a second deadly explosion occurs

escape timing: just before the sword plunges into the ground





Performance: Ballet deadly exhibition
Prima ballerina: Sarah JAACO

Venue: Golden Pig Cave Arena / Land of the Morning Light / BDM




Watch the video, Youtube allows you to slow down the playback speed (0.25 - 0.5 - 0.75)



I wish you successful escapes




Regarding the Land of the Morning Light, I made a post in "Tips and Tricks" (2023-10-01 08:12).


Land of the Morning Light - Map | Knowledge




More "difficult" Knowledge locations are marked on the map.


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Land of the Morning Light




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