Land of the Morning Light Strategy
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Family Name: JunKwang
Sever Region: Asia



"The morning light is arrived, Welcome to the Starter Black Shrine strategy guide" 갑시다!


Class Recommend

Front Guard and Invincible status are key to fighting bosses. These classes have good mobility and protection, making it easier for you. But every class is passable if you become an expert in each boss and know what to do in your class.

Now, these class who is the best for the Black Shrine is Berzerker (PA lovely child ><) and Choryeong the new class.


Manage Energy planning

The Black Stone Shrine is a challenging content and maybe too hard for someone about 1v1 the boss to reduce the difficulties or make is easrier, use the appropriate bonuses for each boss and playstyle for each class.



How to find energy?

Recommend was to do every boss calamity (difficulties) 1-3 in order frist to unlock the 10 point (Mange Energy) for using in another calamity.



Energy Build

- Beginner: AP 5 / DP 5 (start to learn about the macanics, Easy Pass, Semi-Auto <Example> I have been use this build to practice bari (first week) before can AP 10 later)

- Intermediate: AP 7 / DP 3 (you know to do in each boss phase and can dogde basic attack from boss 70-80%, sometime can take damage)

- Expert: AP 10 (maximum dps, master of each boss and try challenging or speedrun, if you not have good enough cp can be one meat dead if you mistake lol)


Weakened Boss

The Black Shrine will help player to pass the boss with weakened Aura changes per week, You can check that status as shown.

(these boss are weakened will remain as strong as before But you will take 30% less damage.)



Gear & Supply

HP Potion in general can't use in black shrine, need to buy Medicnal Herb Tea (only use) before join the challenge!

All craft-food can be used.

If you are new player can't craft good food, can go buy food(Kimchi) in the land or Market to use in Black Shrine.



"Hope you guys enjoy with story tale and complete the boss challenge, goodluck sir" 화이팅!


use the following this video to watching and learn the mancanics here!

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