Land of the Morning Light Strategy
# 1

Family Name: SharkBaits


Strategy to Defeat Black Shrine's bosses (The Most Ez Boss to Defeat, GOLDEN PIG KING or would you like call its Patkai lol)




Here's what you need to notice/prepare :

1. Potion; inside Black Shrine you will notice that we cant use other potion heal than the one use in Land of The Morning Light- Medicinal Herb Tea. So kinda tricky when you already had Ornette Potion.


2. Aura Weaken, usually some Bosses had different Aura that randomly weaken every week, so pay attention on it.


3. Meal, make sure to stock up Meal when facing every boss, use the yellow grade, and if you had red one, even better!


4. lastly, using high regen class (using imprint that max healt or something like that); healer class like Shai would do.


How to beat Patkai :

> Keep inside the circle, if you got out few time, it while pissed him off, he will heal himself. Just make sure dont go to far.

> He is slow spoke bosses with High Aoe Damage, so try keep behind him.

> When he speak (screen alert), he while use Aoe skill inside the circle. The first one is red circle inside the circle, you can go out the circle or dodge it. Then after few time it will become the blue Aoe, which it will burst outside the circle, dodge it and heal up.

> when using Shai class, you are almost like Wolverine, keep heal up using LaLaLa Skill. Range class, like Buccaneer will always keep distance from bosses (yeah, she Sniper Elite lol); but when it comes distance, if she keep to much distance, she will get out the circle and Golden Pig King will heal himself, so that why I prefer shai that has high regen abilities. other class that has Tanking abilities like Zerk, would go all out on it.

> Use energy for 7AP & 3 REVIVE IN BLACK SHRINE.

> Hit & Run Tactics would be wise.


Thats all, Peace out!


2023-10-16 20:39