Land of the Morning Light Strategy
# 1


How to clear Songakshi calamity 4 with Huntress CP 51k

Preparation :

*Use 5 Energi to AP , and 5 Energi to DP

*Equip Imprint on hit-heal and evade-heal any tier is good

*Equip your pet with AP status x 3

*Dont forget meal for healing ( use only when emergency recovery)

*equip your fairy skill + 1 bar evasion if you need,

*skill evasive explosion is a must for huntress

*prefer do Songakshi boss when Moon Aura is weakened

*Skill to equip ( Blasting Gust , Evasive Explosion , Razor Wind , Flurry of Arrows, Will of the Wind, Spinning Shot, Call of the Earth, Descending Current ).


And now let's begin the challenge :

          Try to reduce her health as you can while maintaning your evasion bar , as we huntress is range class, our priority is to avoid her 1 line skill that can hurt badly , use your dodge or Evasive explosion skill to evade her 1 line skill. Always use “Razor wind” as you much as you can because we can attack while heal, and you can heal while evade too, if you equip your evade-heal imprint. As time goes by she will be clone her self in to 3  her original is smaller than her clone , so you can easily find her. Watch out for her 1 line if you approach her , after that she will use another Large circle skill , her large red circle skill will deal massive damage , so you must avoid it no matter what you can manage with 1 time evasive explosion skill if you have good finger reflect, and thats why you must have emergency meals for danger situation when you cant avoid it on-time.


          After her health reduce to x10 health bar, she will be clone herself ( about 7-9 clone, i forgot the exact numbers) thats the time that your health must be above 70 percent , because if we do wrong hit to the clone beside original, we will take a lot of damage , and that's why we have to take the risk instead picking the original one, because it's wasting time. Time is crucial in this Black shrine. As we battling with the time don't forget to keep reduce her healh as fast as you can. She will do her clone skill again so don't forget keep maintain your health. Good luck to all huntress player :D


Tips :

*Our huntress is base on agile-play , so if you have good reflect , you can manage Songakshi in no time.

*Beside Evasive Explosion and dodge, use your blasting gust to help your movement to maintain your range 

*Spinning Shot and Will of the Wind is good at close range damage and it will be better to use it when your Razor Wind is on cd , and use the skill after avoid the 1 line skill from Songakshi

*for mid range damage you can combine your razor wind with flurry arrow.

if Songakshi doesn't do any movement , you can use your Descending Current skill , this skill give alot damage to any boss ( press the skill twice ( while locking on the boss ) for shortening the descending current action skill ).

* because ot the long duration of Cool down , you can use Call of the Earth on early phase or at end phase for emergency recovering

*Practice make perfect , dont depressed if you keep losing on bosses , it take times to adapt with the boss phase.


Server : Asia

Family Name : Hyx



2023-10-12 05:47