Land of the Morning Light Strategy
# 1

A detailed guide for my fellow Paladins in completing Golden Pig at Calamity 5 Difficulty

Paladin's best strengths as of the current is her auto block, spammable Forward Guard + Invincibility mechanics using Sacred Power. On the other hand, Golden Pig have quick AOE skills that can one hit you depending on his HP situation which triggers a mechanics change. It's a fair and enjoyable match.

Before you take the boss on here are some things that you can prepare that greatly helps you.

Radiant Charge : ensure to set on Forward Guard instead of SA
Shield Chase : ensure to set on Forward Guard instead of SA

Both skills are spammable FG that can be utilized also to gather Sacred Power for you to deal devastating damage with your Sword of Judgement skill

Imprints : MP on hit imprints are proven to work on Black Shrine and you will need a couple of this 20-30% to ensure you have full Sacred Power after 2 skills (excluding Radiant Charge) to dish out heavy damage.

Pets : Let your Boss Rush focused Pets join in the fun since CP in Black Shrine is only 10% applied.

Fairy Skills : Make sure you have the pus 500 AP and DP skills equipped.

Black Shrine Energy :
10 points on attack if you have decent internet and is confident of your skills
8 Attack 2 points Def / HP on hit : this is fair setting for those unexpected lag moments so you wont easily get one hit by the boss.
5 attack 5 def : this setup is for safe play but the downside is you may not have enough damageif you dodge to many times and run out of time.

Now for the Boss Fight.
I'll be doing a per HP bracket encounter guide so things will be much Easier

Golden Pig HP x20 - x15:

The fight on this bracket is retty standard. You can actualy auto but just be mindful of dodging as he will do a 3 hit combo which can put you on a bad situation if you eat those. The boss attacks will be telegraphed and they are quite sow at this stage

Golden Pig HP x15 - x11 :

Whe his HP goes down to 15x. The boss will start to move a bit faster with some ocassional wide stomps that can delplete your hp to 1/4 on a full HP. in these situations you can easily tank this by using Radiant Charge (FG) then Sword of Judgement (INVI on full Sacred power) before the charge ends. Always note to use you linkage skills for Radiant Charge before it ends like SoJ, Judgement of Light, Celstial Spear for invi.

Golden Pig HP x10 - x6 :

Upon draining the boss to 10x he will chatter and telegraph a wide stomp with uber damage. You can know he made a mechnics change because his stomps now have yellow flame. You can use radiant charge to tank this mechanics in full but be aware that this is usually followed by a heavy attack or combo. It's best to roll back or use a Invi skill (on sacred power after radiant charge) to avoid this. The latter is advise as you dodge and dish out damage at the same time. His attacks will be faster during this bracket so prepare yourself to do multiple skill sequence to keep up with the boss' attacks

Golden Pg HP x5 to end :

The boss at this pint will amped up his attacks even more changing his yellow flame AOE stomp to blue Flame which in some ocassion can one hit you. a combination of radiant charge + SoJ + dodge/block + Shield chase (fg) may be utilized to counter this massive damage attack. If you have enough MP imprint yu can also dish out damage more often while being on invi state. Note that he can do this in succession so dont use up all you dodge skills just to evade one AOE attack. Cycle through your skills and auto blocks to maximise your survivavility. If you are able to keep up with this boss phase you will surely be able to finish Golden Pig Calamity 5 with your Paladin.

Hope this guie helps you and see you around Adventurer!

guide made by:
Calpheon, Asia

2023-10-11 20:26