Land of the Morning Light Strategy
# 1




Land of the Morning Light is arguably one of the biggest addition to the game, and some of the contents are precedented in Black Desert Mobile. Offering a breathtaking landscape reminiscent of the Joseon era in Korea (correct me if i'm wrong), interactive fetch quests in which you can choose ending of the story based on your decision, extremely challenging bosses, and of course handsome rewards like materials for crafting Eternal Gears.



I'm pretty sure that almost all of the players have already fnished the story quests, but in case you haven't, here is some trick for it.

1. Pathing - you can teleport totown/village instantly from your location, just like in another area. You can use it to cut some distance. (The map is huge, and sometimes it takes so much time to travel.)

2. Quest ending - whichever path you choose doesn't matter to the progress, but you can choose shorter ending or a little bit longer one which lead to happy endings. I managed to get all the happy endings, although i got headache listening to the Turtle Grandpa.

3. Knowledge - as usual, there are academic and adventure knowldge everywhere, make sure you look around to find them.

4. Supplies - Potions and meals are a little bit different in this area, so make sure that You buy them from general good vendors in towns/villages.

5. Enjoy the view.



Based on my experience, here is list of the bosses from the most difficult to the easiest :

1. Bari

2. Songakshi

3. Gumiho

4. Golden Pig King

I believe, some people probably have different opinion on this. But for me, this is why:


1. Mudang Wraith - Bari

My set talent : +7 AP , and +3 Evasion cooldown. Charachter class : Choryeong.

Bari has long range attacks in form of arrow barrage thing when you are far away from her, and short range aoe blast. Her summon makes her difficult to be targetted when we are using ranged class.
Phase 1 : (x20 - x15 HP) simply just attack and evade. 

Phase 2 : (x15 - x11 HP) Bari will blink away from you, and start throwing arrows. She blinks everytime she finished throwing one. Equip invincibility dash skills to evade the attacks, while repositioning, so you wasteno time chasing her down after.

Phase 3 : (x10 - x5 HP) Bari will start channeling the Old evil tree spirit summoning. During this, she will not attack. All you need to do is attacking the tree before it get summoned and then fight Bari again. Be careful, this time her AoE blast radius and damage is significantly higher.

Phase 4 : (x5 or lower). Bari enters rage mode, in which she will spam her skills more often. Avoid doing unnecessary dodge, because you'll waste so much time on it.

Tips : Dodge the blast by rolling forward to and get behind her, since she takes some time to turn around while queuing a new spell. And there's a period of time, in which Bari switches from long range attack to short range. If you can mantain your distance, you can take advantage of it.


2. Maiden Ghost - Songakshi

My talent set : +9 AP, +1 ressurection. Charachter class : Igneous.

Against Songakshi, we don't really need to be the best player in the world, but there are some steps that we need to take. There are broken seals in the area that we need to destroy to increase our damage, but we also take more damage as the number of the seal we break goes up.

Phase 1 : (x20 - x15 HP) while attacking and dodging, hit 2-4 seals. It shoud be easy at this stage.

Phase 2 : (x15 - x10 HP) Songakshi summons spectres of her. You need to find the real one, the one crying blood. or you don't. (I spend some time zooming in and out, looking at those spooky ghost and still couldn't find the difference). So, hit one spectre with basic attack and quickly cast invincibility spell. Hitting multiple will multiply the damage you take from the retaliation blast, make sure you only hit one. (in my case, I attacked all of them with Calamity while being invincible at the same time, at this point it might has been fixed). Cast invincibility skill to avoid following stun and damage from the real Songakshi.

Phase 3 : (x10 - x5 hp) Hit another seal, probably two. If your talent is +10AP, 6 seals in total will be enough. Look around for glowing spectre and defeat them. Every spectre has different spell, so make sure you defeat them before they finish their casting. There are white, green, red, and purple spectres.
Phase 4 : (x5 HP) Songakshi will start spamming her skill. at this stage all you need is to dodge perfectly and defeat her in time.

Tips : Against Songakshi, dodge to the side, left or right, except for one spell that has a massive AoE. Evade ± 0,5 seconds after she disappear to evade her dash skill.

credit : LTWind


3. Nine Tailed Fox - Gumiho

My Talent set : +7 AP, +2 Evasion, +1 Resurrection. Charachter class : Choryeong.

Defeating Gumiho is a little bit tricky, but once you get used to it, it will be relatively easy.

Phase 1 : (x20 - x15 HP) Like the other bosses, this phase is easy, you can use auto feature to attack and dodge efficiently. avoid taking too much damage.

Phase 2 : (x15 - x10 HP) Gumiho will step to the middle of the cave and spread plague, avoid bumping into one. Gumiho will start casting her skill, which she attacks with her tails and create a barrier around her. Dodge to her back and attack her tails once. Gumiho's wreaths will be in pain.

Phase 3 : (x10 - x5 HP) Gumiho summons 2 spectres, and you need to attack the real one. To identify the real one, all you need to do is to pay attention on her wreath / necklace's color. The real one is the two colors combined. After her disguise exposed, she will cast a powerful aoe spell. You can use invincibility skills or just get in to the middle of it, where gumiho will land.

Phase 4 : (x5 HP) All you need is perfect dodges, and some luck.

Tips : Against Gumiho, invincibility skills with long duration is a must in order to save evasion charges, especially when she takes a leap and start dashing to attack us. With Choryeong, i use the Butterfly step. Avoid being trapped inside her barrier by using evasion towards her back and then attack her tails.


4. Golden Pig King.

My talent set : +5 AP and +5 Evasion, or +10 AP. Charachter class : Choryeong or charachter with multi stage evasion skill.

For me Golden Pig King is the easiest among all of the Bosses, because defeating Golden Pig King is pretty straightforward. Beside his skills cast time is pretty high and clearly visible, there is no special tricks, no witchcraft. Just punch him on the back until you defeat him. 

All you need to do is to stay in the circle.

Phase 1 : (x20 - x15 HP) Golden Pig King charges towards you while striking 3 times. Dodge it by rolling forward towards his back. It will take some time for him to turn around.

Phase 2 : (x15 - x10 HP) Golden Pig King raises his weapon and slams it the ground, dealing massive damage to his enemy. Use an invncibility skill with long duration, or hold evasion button if you couldn't time it perfectly.

Phase 3 : (x10 - x5 HP) Golden Pig King's attack intensifies. He changes his pattern, and start using new skills. At this stage, every skill has a tiny gap between every strike, so you need to evade 2-3 times to avoid 2nd and 3rd strike. Put a brief stop on every evasion you use.

Phase 4 : (x5 HP) Golden Pig King enters rage mode. He start spamming skills with massive damage and AoE by litting the cave on fire. If you found it difficult to evade the skill, you can use long duration invincibility skill and use 1-2 evasion charges.

Tips : Try luring the boss to the wall, with your back facing the wall. It will be significantly easier to use evasion while staying in the circle, because you dash in place. Golden Pig King durability is high, but based on my observation, we deal more damage when we attack him from the back, so try dodging towards him to his back (i might be wrong about this). Never get out of the circle. The 3rd time you get out of it, Golden Pig King will sit and rest, regenerating some HP. And the 5th time you get out of it, He will start setting the cave on fire.



Up to the day I write this post, the most attention-grabbing rewards from Black Shrine are Flame of Hongik, Embers of Hongik and Red Beans.
-. The level first clearance rewards can only be claimed once, so if you defeat all calamity 5 bosses, you will obtain 36 embers of Hongik from it.

-. It is possible to get Flame of Hongik as a challenge reward. (My guildmate actually obtained one)

-. Red beans can be used as material for cooking, one of it has an effect of increasing life skills exp gain by 10%.

-. After conducting a mini-survey about the drop rate of both Flame of Hongik and Embers of Hongik, i can say that collecting materials for Eternal Weapon crafting will take some time. My recommendation is to craft the Dawnveil gloves first, and to take it easy about the weapon. Don't need to rush it. (<- this does not apply for Whales, of course).


Currently, the new map is pretty empty. We can explore the places but there's no interactable NPCs, but since there are 4 empty spots on the tales menu, I believe 4 more bosses are coming soon, with new stories and challenges. For now, let's just enjoy the mesmerizing views while exploring and obtaining knowledge.

That's all from me. I'm not excel as a player, and my skills are far from exceptional. So, if you have additional tips and tricks or corrections on my post, let me know down below. Good luck and have fun.

2023-10-10 16:10