Land of The Morning Light Strategy
# 1
1. Complete all four stories to unlock black shrines under "tale collection"


2. As you are doing your main quests, make sure to run around and talk to all the NPCs for knowledge, and search for interactive knowledge locations. If you struggle to find them all from the clues listed in the knowledge menu, you may want to ask for help in the official BDM discord under "game help". There are also some youtube videos that show each location by searching "Morning Light Knowledge Locations". There are 182 available in the entire Land of the Morning Light zone.


3. Black shrines are weekly boss dungeons you can complete 5 times a week. If you want to do more than 5 a week you have to purchase from the cash shop. They are offered in a few packs, otherwise they are available at Misc -> Etc. For 490BP / week x2 and 490WP/ week x2. The BP option is great for free to play, as you can get BP from doing your merchantry daily.


-Black shrines also provide the new crafting material for Eternal Gear. You need the Flame of Hongik. It has a chance to drop from completing a black shrine, or the drop required to craft it may drop. You will need 30 Embers of Hongik per 1 Flame of Hongik craft. There are currently 2 new eternal gear pieces out that require these items. 1) Dawnveil Gloves which require 2 Flame of Hongik or a total of 60 Embers of Hongik to craft. 2)Dawnveil Main Weapon which requires 5 Flame of Hongik or 150 Embers of Hongik.


-Each boss has 5 levels of difficulty. Every level of difficulty has a completion reward you get once which increases per level completion. Once you have completed all 5 levels on every boss currently available, you will want to do repeats on the highest level you can achieve for a chance at better rewards.


-Each boss has different elements. Each week a different element will be weakened. So some bosses might be easier on different weeks depending on which element aura is being weakened on whatever given week.



3. There is a system called "Manage Energy". 1 Energy is given per 1 boss level completion up to a max of 10 energies. This will be used as a passive build for your character. There are different combinations you can do to help you beat higher levels of bosses. They aren't 1 size fits all. It may depend on the class you are using, if that boss is weakened that week or not, etc. An example build that worked for me for various bosses were the following -
1) Bari Forest: Played as Choryeong 3 energy into AP, 5 energy into DP, 2 Energy into Revive in Black Shrine
2) Golden Pig Cave: Played as Choryeong 8 energy into AP, 2 energy into DP
3) Yeowoo Cave: Played as Choryeong 8 energy into AP, 2 energy into DP
4) Songakshi Tomb: Played as Choryeong 8 DP energy, 2 energy into Revive in Black Shrine


4. For high completion levels of different bosses here are some tips:


1) Bari Forest: Dodge behind her before she sends out an attack so you dodge it. If you run too far away from her she will start throwing stuff at you.
-At 15 bars she will run around the map in  a circle counterclockwise while throwing stuff at you, which also hurts. To avoid dodge and run to the right side of the tree and stay in that corner along the barrier until she does a full circle and ends up pretty close to you. Then start fighting her as you did previously constantly dodging behind her.
-At 10 bars she will run to the tree, at this point you want to hit the tree. You must kill it or it summons an add which you do not want.
-After you kill the tree mobs will start walking towards you and she does more AoEs dodge and try to stay alive while doing damage to her. It's best to try and position your skills to clear mobs at the same time as hitting her. She might run away, and you'll have to follow her and dodge to avoid her ranged attacks. This is also where the revival might come in handy.
- Also note when she does attacks some of the moves the yellow/red light going around her in a circle. You can stand in that, you just need to dodge for the final hit. It seems the colors are the warning que so you can stand in that and just make sure to time your dodge when those animations are about to be done.
My own example:


2) Golden Pig Cave: The most important thing is to stay in the circle. If you leave the circle too much for too long, he will either sit down and restore several bars of HP or spam a devastating attack making it more difficult.
- You want to stay behind him, and make sure to dodge away from his attacks while still staying within the circle. As his health bars reduces he does a double stomp, which can turn into a stomp that lasts for 4 stomps. You want to dodge these as they can kill you, or almost kill you. Some people might use the energy that reduces evade CD or their class buffs that reduce evade CD. His AoE attacks that attack in a row get stronger and he has a chance to spam them 4+ in a row all of which can be 1 shots.
-Side note about his rage phase that is typically after 5 bars and under, I have beat him a few times with 2m+ available for what *would* be his rage phase. If you out DPS him, you can completely bypass the rage phase. In all attempts that I beat it I have not experienced his 1 shot spamming. My theory is it just doesn't happen if you can kill him fast. I had went 8 AP 2 DP as mentioned earlier.
My own example:


3) Yeowoo Cave: Always dodge behind the fox. Staying close to it works best.
-An occasional move it will do is put its tails infront of it and have a shield. You won't do much damage if at all if you don't attack it from behind. Attacking from behind will cancel this move and daze it.
-15 bars it will pop out fire flames that scatter all over the map. You don't want to land on these, they daze and do damage.
-10 bars the fox disappears and 3 appear on the map sitting. You need to kill the correct one otherwise it summons 3 foxes that all attack you at the same time. The correct fox is the fox wearing the necklace with a combination of blue + red beads.
-Fox will jump up and poof, when it does that you need to get ready to run in the clear circle that appears. If you stand in the circles you won't take damage. If you can't get to it in time, dodge as much as you can to avoid the damage from it landing.
-When there are only about 5 bars left, it will spam fire breath more often. Just keep dodging behind it. You might need to use your dodge more frequently.
My own example:

4)Songakshi Tomb: There are seals you kill for temporary buff. Kill those every 20-30 seconds, and try to stay out of her AoE.
-There will be copies of her that sometimes spawn with a health bar and light (red, purple, etc) kill those. It's debuff to her I believe.
-She will sometimes spawn several ghosts in a circle; you need to hit one to reveal her (the one crying blood is the real one) it has a red animation near her hand on her face that moves as she cries. However if you accidentally hit the wrong one, just dodge AoE attack to avoid damage. *If you want a visual my video at 1:50 shows that phase and I try to get close so you can see the animation to look for.

My own example:

5. Finally, make sure to do up to 5 shrines per week. There is also weekly task completion. If you forget you miss out on that week.



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