NEED HELP-Need to know how to mine, log, go from combat mode to regular, PLEASE!😁
# 1
Hi, I'm new, need help with how to get my character to mine, log, forage, and go from normal to combat mode. I can't find a button to push to start. Please help! Thanks, Hugz, Tree
2019-12-30 23:07
# 2

For PVP mode, there is a special tab. Located near the map, the icon of the gladiator's helmet and swords.

2019-12-30 23:39
# 3
Once you level up a bit you can auto gather trees, stone etc but the best way is probably by using your camp and the workers to gather for you, at least that's what I found.

Try and blitz through the main story line as you get nice perks as you get higher.

Combat mode can be turned on in the settings menu.
2019-12-31 02:58
# 4

merhabalar ben oyunu anlamakta zorluk çekiyorum ve sizlerden tüm takım arkadaşlarım adına TÜRKÇE dil desteği istiyoruz.

bazı oyuncular ingilizce bilmediklerinden dolayı başlamak istemiyorlar bu oyuna. ve oyunu çok seviyoruz fakat anlamakta zorluk çekiyoruz bizlere yardım ederseniz 461 TÜRK adına sizlere teşekkür ederim.

2019-12-31 03:15
# 5

you dont have the mode from start you will have to be halfway tru the game to have most conveinience parts

2019-12-31 05:58