Become the Strategy Master
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Become the Strategy Master


I've been playing Black Desert Mobile for a month now. It's a short period, but I bring with me a lot of experience from my gaming life. I haven't played a lot of other games, but I have played intensively some of them, and since I've started my search for a new game and have found Black Desert Mobile, I deep dove into it. The game is huge and captures your attention. All the content and features (there is a lot of them) are well planned, make part of a very cohesive ecosystem, and are an opportunity to learn about new mythologies.


Sometimes is hard to match life responsabilities and hardcore gaming, but in Black Desert Mobile there is this possibility. Doing the grindy content in automatic frees you from a tedious obligation that would require a lot of hours, and while you keep an eye in your game, you can also focus your attention for a few hours elsewhere. Black Desert Mobile won the award for Best Mobile MMORPG of 2022, but it is also the best MMORPG with Automatic Feature.



You can't go auto in everything, some of the content is only able to do in manual mode, but even if it's automatic content, you will need to decide where you want to go. You are the player and the coach, and when playing these two roles, you will need strategy. Here are some tips to help you to achieve it:


Tip #1: About class decision: follow your intuition.

It will always be an endless discussion about which class is better, or which alts to create. Don't waste your time with it. Every class you play will give you more experience, and they can all perform well. Some can be now better than others, but balance patches changes it all. The requirement is to have fun and create your own family the way you want.

Tip #2: About the content: done is better than perfect.

There is a lot of content in the game, and you will need to learn all of them to become powerful. Be patient with yourself while learning the game content. Constancy is an important tool, and will really make all the difference.


Tip #3: About the gear: don't be impulsive.

Sometimes we get confused about an item. If we should burn or give to your alt. When you're in that situation and can't decide, just wait a few days and you will have a better perspective of the game. Be patient one more time.


Tip #4: About study: look for something newer.

If you really want to improve yourself in the game you will soon start to search and learn about this or that feature. When doing that, search for something newer, because the game (gears, crystals, rarity, etc) has changed a lot in those years.


Final thoughts:
Black Desert Mobile has a competitive enviroment for everyone. As a F2P or not, you will notice that your progression will depend on your constancy and knowledge of the game. You can buy boost packs and it really helps, but the patience and constancy are the real tools that will lead you to achieve great things in  game. I hope you have a lot of fun in your gaming session, strategy master. See you!



2022-12-20 23:42