Become the Strategy Master
# 1


Velia - Europe


My observations and experiences from BDM...
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#1 Tip
Rewards - Boss Rush, Hadum Boss Rush and Constellation


Higher level = Higher rewards

Conquer levels one unit at a time up to Lv 99 (without using Mutliplier) for higher rewards.


Boss Rush: Level 1-99
Hadum Boss Rush: Level 1-99
Constellation: Level 1-50


Use Mutliplier only when you reach max Level, from which the reward does not increase further, or when the next difficulty level is (for now) unmanageable for you and you desperately need to get the reward...




#2 Tip

How to avoid unwanted adventurers


You find a suitable location to perform a quest (e.g. Hadum Knowledge) and discover that another adventurer is in the selected location...


You can get rid of an unwanted adventurer:

1. by moving to the "Outlaw Zone" - ( Field Combat EXP: +100% , Spoil Drop Cooldown: -10%)
There is a risk of encountering very cowardly adventurers here, who exclusively harass the weaker ones with hateful attacks.




2. Moving to an "alternate" identical location - briefly move to another game location (e.g. Camp, Town) and return (use Auto-Path)


In BDM, game locations are coded. If you return to a location that has a different code designation, you have moved to an "alternate" location that no longer contains the original "interfering adventurer". Sometimes the action needs to be repeated to achieve the optimal goal.




#3 Tip

Optimal activity and characteristics of the Worker in your Camp - you can have a maximum of 36 workers (update: 40 workers)


Use time
World Gathering
(Merchantry, Fishing & Quest-Great Ocean)
29 (29)
24 hours
/ day
(World Gathering, Fishing & Quest-Great Ocean)
4 (29)
20 minutes
/ day
Fishing & Quest-Great Ocean
(World Gathering, Merchantry)
7 (29)
2 hours
/ week
Alchemy Lab - Craft - Stamina (X-Large Stamina Potion)
4 (7)
24 hours
/ day
Depending on the raw materials & Stamina
Alchemy Lab - Craft - Cron Stone (Primal Rift Totem, Dimensional Crystal & Ah'krad Crystal)
1 (7)
Dye Workshop - Craft - Armor Outfit Chest (Encarotia's Outfit Shop - Tailor Outfit - Artisan’s Skein)
2 (7)




#4 Tip

Fairy - Study


The most profitable (financially) material to study the fairy is "Poor Black Stone" (there is enough of it, other uses are negligible) At some stage the lessons need to be supplemented with x2 common fish (caught in Camp) to fully fill the Daily Study Limit 23300




#5 Tip

Trading - Merchantry - Raport Exchange List


How soon (within 3 days) get access to all the goods offered by traders?

1. Before starting trading: reach 100% Amity (gifts, stamina) for all merchants

2. The more the trader sells you, the more the trader sells you, the more types of goods you can exchange with it.

As in life, you don't have to drive far to shop in BDM either.

You buy goods from a merchant (only standard - 2,3,4 line of the offer) - your rapport (+1.1 points) with the merchant increases (see slider), you return to the camp, you buy goods again from the merchant, you return to the camp, you buy goods again from the merchant, you return to the camp... you repeat the purchases until you reach the max amount of rapport (200 points) with the merchant.


3. Buy goods from the merchant (standard only - 2,3,4 line of the offer) - your rapport increases (+1.1 points), return to camp, buy goods again from the merchant , return to camp, buy goods again from the merchant ... repeat purchases until you reach the maximum amount of rapport (200 points)


This way you can reach the maximum rapport amount (200 points) at all traders in about 3 days. You will then have a complete exchange offer (see Rapport Exchange List).




#6 Tip

Profit for the period during which regular maintenance is carried out


activate before starting regular maintenance

(Sleep) -> Black Spirit Mode –> Auto-Eplore Ruins (Difficulty 4) -> Confirm

After completing regular maintenance you will have a reward in the post office








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