“Become the Strategy Master”
# 1

PlâyêrBela, Global, Balneos


1. choose a character you want, but read before a little bit to choose a good one.

2. start to do alle quest, look to knowledge on your questpath. If you finish all the quest, do all the rest of knowledge.it gives easy cp.

3. care about your camp, raise it to 8. Do worldtrade every day. Use orange chrystals to build trading good for a faster level up in trade. You can solld them to the special vendor in worldtrade. Try to get the highst waggon fast. In trade you get black pearls which help you to grow. It will takes a while but u will need it.And use everytime the same 4 workers in worldtrade!

4. do every daily and weekly quest. Make your bounty quest and buy all from patrigo every day. Do every event.

5.if your cp high enough start with desert to get edana coins. If you have enough use it only in valks or totem shrine. But in shrine use your tent and max 10 min to spare your desert time. 
6. if you have boss stamps do the first boss rushes, with the first black pearls you get buy all character slots and inventory slots. Train the small chars to level 70 to do the towers. Give them some equip. Best give them red equip from starting, arelis frags you get enough from shrines. So you reach fast level 60 in tower. extra tower tickets comes over world trade.

7 You must not invest money, but if you want to do it, buy some white pearls, there is a cheap offer for beginners. For the white pearls you buy the inventory slots. If you go ahead in game you have so much items that you need 350 bag spaces or you must often change to camp to empty it.

8. upgrading items. First is your main charakter, but also upgrade your other chars a little bit, at starting your small ones should be on 3 with weapons and armors, thats enough. If you raaise something only use regscrolls from 4 or 5, they are rare so spare it.

Important: spare your chaoscyrstals at start. U will get a special item in field which raise your blackspirit. If u reach the max level with this special item start to use the chaoscrystals. Dont use it before!!!

9. Enjoy the game the rest comes from alone. If you want to do anything and you are not sure, ask in Discord other players, the most will help you!!!!!!!

10. Thats not all but for the first weeks enough.


Last one do ocean every week. It gives you no cp or somthing else. But you can give the fishes to patrigo. You should also train your working skills if can.


Have fun PlâyêrBela, global




2022-12-18 15:12