HORSING AROUND - Become The Strategy Master
# 1
Family Name : Cyrhyl
Region : Asia
Server : Serendia

(Journey of DOOM HORSE and BEYOND)

Hi, i am Cyrhyl, through this post, I'll share my daily routine on achieving DOOM HORSE or maybe stacking materials for other horses on upcoming updates. Specifically for "kragdolo's spirit stone" since we need them in bulk with minor chance of success.

1st of all, sorry for my broken english, I'll try my best, so bare with me. (There will be lots of edit)

As we all know Doom Horse is an awaken from Tier 8 horse, with extra ingredients on the process, such as 200x "kragdolo's spirit stone", 1x "glowing root", and a tier 8 horse itself. And if we lucky enough, we can use 1x "spirit tulip" for an extra spicy RNG.

You can goggle on how to acquire all materials above. (Or ask on the comment section)

As I've mentioned above, we'll focusing on optimally how, when and where getting kragdolo's ss. With extra tips. Lets begin;

By taming a horse and feed it till lvl 10 (max) and send it (horse delivery), we'll get kragdolo's ss in return. (Pic.001)

As soon as our main horse feed is full, we should reconsider to taming some horses until it depleted. Horse feed will regain from hunting enemies. I usually taming horses in my spare time, so my stable always full, just in case. (Pic.002). We should never grind when the feed is full, keep that in mind that feed gotten when maxed out means kragdolo's stone wasted.

My regular spot is "Lemoria Guard Post" (Kamasylvia). Cause this map got 5 horse spots, ranged between tier 3 to tier 5 horses. It's a good deal. (Pic.003). We can do this the "lazy way" by asking 4 other friends to fill in the spot, which means we don't need to run around the map, just waiting til the horses spawned (longer time).

BASIC PREPARATION; Horse Taming Rope and Raw Sugar.


Grab some snacks, pour some coffe or tea, play some music, take a deep breath and relax.

Tame some horses till our stable is full, feed em, and send em (delivery). T3 for 1 stone, T4 for 2 stones and T5 for 3 stones.

We don't need to breed em (exchange), cause it will spent more time and more feed for the "same amount" of stone/s. So send em as it is.

"Venia Riding Attire" (horse related lifeskill outfit) will help us alot. Since its giving 20% chance in advance, so it'll save our time and money by 2times sugar giving each attempt.

With Venia Horse Attire equiped, we'll start with 60/70% chance on T3, 50/60 on T4 and 30/50 on T5.

(if this outfit getting a better sales after this post, PA should consider giving me a bonus and such ;D)

I only gives extra sugar on T5 horses til 50/50, and tame all T3 and T4 without any extra sugar.

With the success of taming a horse, the pop up naming window will appear, save some time by just tapping outside the box, it'll instanly giving random name and send it to our stable.

*IMPORTANT TIPS; it'll be alot easier for us to do the "minigame" if we change the FPS to the lowest (20).

Fun Fact; each kragdolo's spirit stone worth 100mil silver.

By doing this, we usually get a chance to awaken once in 2-4days. Depends on how much horse feed we grind and rng on horse tier being tamed.

I got mine on the 1st attempt, with 21 times warm up attempt ;p how bout you guys?

Hope this will help you on obtaining your Doom Horse, or a preparation for upcoming horse update. I'll gladly and hopefully able to answer any questions. Discussion, critic, like, comment and such will be appreciated. Thank you for reading this, have fun n cheers~

Cyrhyl, 15th Dec 2022, BDM ver. 4.6.54
2022-12-15 10:11