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Does anyone have any tips or guides for farming silver, resources (eg best place for wood or stone) etc?

I've been using BSpirit mode a lot and it's a great way of farming items but I was wondering if some areas were better for afk farming resources.

2019-12-28 06:54
# 2

I just grind an area and sell junk when bag is full for silver.  For resources I send workers out on 8 hour missions for specific resource I need.

2019-12-28 08:02
# 3
For resources go treant forest, open air where you can auto mine, trees and grass. The map is huge. Even with the buggy auto farm you will still use up all your stamina easily on that area. For farming silver daily quest and boss, ancient boss will already give you quite a number, I literally earn 3million to 7million if lucky per day. Also dependant on your CP. The higher your CP the more higher quality items you can farm. Also your own camp invest on sheep's. They give golden fur or ball that can be sell for 500k silver each. Also invest your shakatu coins for, knowledge, Amity and etc. There are many ways to earn. Daily shakatu coins can earn easily lowest if lazy 300++. If spend Abit time for myself I earn about 600++ to 900++ coins with bossing and ancient. That said we have invested time with boss for quite a while too. So just take it easy for now.
2019-12-28 10:19
# 4
I hate rng much. 🤪
2019-12-28 10:28
# 5

Quint hill in north calpheon is a good place to farm 1700 cp


the silver from mobs per piece is 676 silver as opposed to higher cp areas 225-265 ish silver (dont expect yellow drops in this area though)


as for farming, outside of trent or behr is pretty good just afk mine are all clumped up together so you can hit 3 mines at a time along with 3 trees as well.



2019-12-30 10:04