Blazing Chaos Crystal vs Chaos Crystal
# 1

For new players or returning players that do not have their rift stone past level 100, this tip will benefit you in the long run!


- Blazing Chaos Crystal is an item newer players can receive while farming Hadum realms and from daily mission tasks.  This item allows you to guarantee 1 level up to your Rift Stone from 0 - 100.

- Chaos Crystal is also a material you can receive while farming Hadum and chaos maps, but the higher your rift stone is, the more Chaos Crystals you will need to level up.  These materials will allow you to enhance your crystal to the next level anywhere from 10% (lowest possible chance allowed to enhance), all the way to a 100% chance of succeeding.


- As you farm Hadum, you will receive both Blazing Chaos Crystal and Chaos Crystals for your Rift Stone.  It is best to save your Chaos Crystals and use the Blazing Chaos Crystals first to level up your Rift Stone to level 100 and then use your Chaos Crystals on your Rift stone since Blazing Chaos Crystals will not work past Rift Stone level 100.


Family: Patapon

Region: NA

Server: Kaia

2021-12-04 21:20