Workers - An In-depth Guide
# 1

1. Who are the Workers?

These NPCs are volunteers from various towns who wish to become workers in our camp. Workers can be hired from a pre-built structure called The Pub by using contribution points.

Workers do various tasks such as gathering materials, crafting goods, building structures, escorting trade routes and Assistant Sailors. Their performance rely heavily on their Grade and Specialty.

2. What are Grades?

Grades refer to the level cap that a worker can achieve. Once a worker has reached the maximum level for a certain grade, a Promotion to the next grade is necessary to reach higher levels.

Promotions consume higher contribution points and increases the specialty cap.

3. What are Specialties?

Specialties refer to a worker's innate capabilities. These are not race exclusive. There are 3 types of Specialties:


- Faster Gathering Speed

- Lesser Food Consumption


- Faster Building Speed

- Recommended as Merchantry Escorts


- Faster Crafting Speed

- Higher chances in gathering unique grade materials (for Node/Siege Wars)

4. How to increase contribution levels?

Contribution EXP can be gained through main story quests, NPCs' side quests (in towns) and Ancient Beacon repeatable quests (in open-field maps).

Random NPCs (depends on the Town Hall Tier) will also visit our camp. They have wide variety of requests such as basics, hunting, explorations, silver expenditures, usage of stamina, exchange of materials or just plain free goods (from Morco).

5. How to manage workers?

After recruiting new workers, first thing that must be done is to earn their trust. We can either Talk to them (increases loyalty; consumes 5 stamina), Encourage them (lessens fatigue; consumes 3 stamina) or offer them Gifts (can be bought from Gifts Vendors in towns).

Gifts increase loyalty, lessens fatigue and hastens worker EXP.

6. What is fatigue?

Workers require an adequate amount of rest after they've fulfilled the task assigned to them (gathering, building, crafting, escorting, sailing).

If the workers gets fatigued, they cannot do any tasks until they fully recover. Frequent fatigue lessens loyalty. Lower loyalty makes the workers prone to being lazy. An option to Discipline (consumes stamina) them will be the only way to make them accomplish their tasks.

7. Does secondary specialty matter?

Secondary specialty can be easily overlooked. As the Town Hall Tier increases, more workers can be hired and Ideally, some of them must be either Dexterity or Strength Specialty workers.


For these types of workers, Vitality is a must as their secondary specialty.

Comparative data between 3 Level 50 workers using these criteria:

Default Map Time: 1 Day

Focused Gathering: Enabled

Life Plus : Applied

8. I'm a neophyte player. What should I do?

I was once a new player and I will give a few recommendations based on my own experiences...


The camp gets unlocked after we defeat the boss Red Nose (Main Story Quest). It's best to take things slow and pay attention to basic tutorials.

The game will provide us with 2 normal grade workers with random specialties but with maximum loyalty. We should utilize them and hire a few more of those normal grade workers (for 2 contribution points) to fill up the maximum amount of workers that our current Town Hall Tier 1 can offer.

Affixing names that will make it easier for us to determine their specialty, will help us in deciding whether to invest in promoting them or letting them go for a much higher grade of worker. The contribution points we spent in hiring them will be returned but a settlement fee will be deducted in our silvers.

Although repeatable quests can hasten our contribution EXP, there are other pre-requisites that needs to get achieved.

Higher gathering areas, requires clearing several chapters of the main story, defeating specific bosses and attaining a certain level in life skills.

Stamina is a very important resource in the game and it replenishes in due time. I highly advice spending it to increase our life skills. This will not only benefit your workers, but your guild too.

As we progress through the game, we must make time to find the hidden knowledges that are spread out in different areas.

Discovering them will give us additional Combat points, Life Skill EXP gain %, Workers' Specialty points and Stamina cap increase.

Increasing the Town Hall's Tier will give us more structures to build. Upgrading our workers' lodging should be prioritized.

More workers hired meant more gathered resources and several structures can be built at the same time.

9. What is the ideal worker line-up?

For this last quarter of 2021, the latest Town Hall Tier in Black Desert Mobile (Global) is Tier 8. Our camp is capable of sheltering 36/36 workers. I recommend the following:


4 Strength (P) - Vitality (S) workers

- They will be our permanent Merchantry Escorts.

Q. Why Strength as primary?

A. Auto-Placement will prioritize any Strength specialty workers as escorts once they've reached level 40 instead of any level 50 Dexterity or Vitality Specialty workers. Based on my experience, level 50 workers that do not specialize in Strength, are sometimes defeated in Epic Grade Combat (Boss) events in Merchantry.


5 Dexterity (P) - Vitality (S) workers

- They will be our permanent crafters of cron stones or stamina potions. We can add more according to our gameplay.

Q. Why Vitality as secondary?

A. Based on the comparative data (shown above), if a worker has Vitality as the secondary specialty, the food consumption is lesser by 127 and gathering time has a difference of 2 hours and 33 minutes, compared to a worker who has Vitality as the tertiary specialty. It may not be much but the reduction is still significant the higher the number of workers we send out for gathering.


The rest of our workers, should be Vitality (P) - Dexterity (S)

- They will mostly focus on gathering and replenishing our materials.

Q. Why Dexterity as secondary?

A. Dexterity gives higher chances for workers to gather unique materials once you've reached Master levels in your life skills. At that point of the game, we will most probably be in a guild and these materials are necessities for Node/Siege wars.


Thank you for reading (^-^)/

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