How to gain full knowledge?
# 1
Knowledge in Black Desert Mobile is divided into 6 categories:

• Topography
• Academic
• Ecology
• Adventure
• Character
• Boss

Knowledge can be accessed through the menu window and then pressing the Knowledge button. In the first tab you can see 5 main categories of Knowledge namely Topography, Academic, Ecology, Adventure and Character. While in the second tab you can see the Knowledge Boss.

1. How to Get Topographic Knowledge

To gain knowledge in the field of Topography, you need to take quests to explore new areas or territories. Each new area that you explore will add Knowledge in the field of Topography.

Usually quests to explore the main area are included in the Main Story but there are also side quests that you need to take to explore areas that are not in the Main Story such as Castle Cron.

2. How to Get Academic Knowledge

There are various ways to gain knowledge in the academic field, some of which are talking to certain NPCs to get permanent buffs such as Worker Strength, doing activities such as jumping over walls to get an increase in EXP in the fishing field and so on.

3. How to Get Knowledge Ecology

To get knowledge in the field of Ecology, you need to fight the monsters that you meet in the Black Desert Mobile world once or even several times until the Knowledge notification from the monster is successfully obtained.
The higher the level of the monster, the more difficult it is to get Knowledge from the monster. If the monster has not been entered into the Knowledge list, you can press the Unattained tab and then press the corresponding monster tab so that the system shows the path to the place where the monster is located automatically.

4. How to Get Adventure Knowledge

The way to get Knowledge in the Adventure field is almost the same as how to get Knowledge in the Academic field. You can get permanent buffs such as Worker Strength and increase EXP in certain Life Skill areas such as Logging, Fishing and so on.

5. How to Get Knowledge Character

To gain knowledge in the Character field, all you need to do is talk to the NPC in the Character Knowledge list. Check the Unattained tab (the list of NPCs you haven't met) then press the icon with the footprints on it so the system can show the location where the NPC is automatically.

6. How to Get Knowledge Boss

Knowledge Boss is in a separate tab with the other five Knowledge categories because this Knowledge is categorized as special Knowledge. Each boss has a certain Knowledge level, the higher you get the Knowledge Boss level, the more permanent buffs or bonuses you will get such as Attack, Defense, HP and so on.

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