Farming Desert Effeciently
# 1

Water is a limited resource for desert recieving only 20 minutes a day so to utilize your time efficiently try to use these tips.


Dependant on your CP focus on mobs that you can easily kill at your level, more mobs killed means more edena coin.


Try to focus on mobs close to a shrine preferably 2 shrines close to one another and offer to these shrines when activated, so it becomes a case of kill mobs then offer to the shrine move to next shrine kill any mobs on route and the mobs surrounding the next shrine offer once activated and return to the first shrine and begin the process again with this process you are generating the maximum amount of edena coin for your precious time used, ideally you want to be killing mobs constantly while rotating between the 2 shrines, use Aals blessing to move faster between mobs.


Good places where this can be used is listed below


Talid Oasis - Gahaz Bandits - CP of mobs 11612K

Desert Fogan Sanctuary - Fogans - CP of mobs 15445K

Aakman Border - Aakmans - CP of mobs 20954K

Hysteria Ruins - Hysteria Mobs - CP of mobs 23100K


Things to think about,


Which Alchemy stone to use, stone of luck has such a little effect in the desert there is no need to use it here you are far better going for an enhanced (Sushi) alchemy stone to  maximise your CP and enable you to kill faster.


A majority of people will go to the shrine after Tukar laytern which spawns on a Monday trying to farm on a monday prior to Tukar Laytern to get your edena coin can result in multiple people farming the same area at once hindering your edena coin intake so try plan your farming time before leaving it till last minute to maximise your farming time.


Be prepared to have sufficient stamina and reserve pots in your inventory to maximise your shrine offerings, shrine offerings not only give you a good amount of edena coin but also relic frgments and lightstone fragments which can help you.


If you are going to do a long farming session of 40 minutes or more in one sitting consider buying the 7 day tent for 250 black pearls (can be found in the shop "select" tab then "odds and ends" tab) this cuts out any travel time to an oasis to empty your overweight bag at a vendor as the 7 day tent will allow you to use its own vendor option thus keeping you able to farm at optimum speed.


With these simple tips it can help maximise your farming time - planning when you farm can be key if you do come across someone in the spot you wish to farm sometimes a PM to that player "how long are you going to be ?" can result in a helpful reply of only a few minutes and they will PM you when the spot you wished is free, trying to farm on top of people only diminshes yours and thiers potential edena coin intake so do at your own risk.


Happy Farming


Prengwyn - Delphe

2021-11-24 03:03