Nodes for auto gathering specific resources
# 1
These are nodes I've found to be good for auto gathering a specific resource with a lot of stamina for long periods of time with absent or very rare hangups (like running endlessly at edge of map or into a tree or rock)

Foraging: Florin
Mining: Altinova Mine
Logging: Trent

I've gathered at these locations for hours at a time with thousands of stamina without hangup.

Note: Although Altinova Mine is labeled as a "safe zone" it isn't, if you are in outlaw zone you can be attacked. The other nodes are towns and are safe.

Family: Flatulent
Server: Kaia
2021-11-23 15:40
# 2

Found Altinova Enterance as faster and still not clipping way to forage/log

2021-11-23 16:36
# 3

I auto-gather all day with 40 250-stamina potions (10000 stamina) at Ahto farm, south Mediah for master rank life skills. It's easy to gather at that map without interruption

2021-11-23 18:20