Gold coins really?
# 1
If the rates in scamshatu shop weren’t so low and abysmal I might actually spend $ on the current hot time but alas...
2020-02-28 18:47
# 2

bruh i dont want spend money on this game and i enjoy it a lot. I started since beginning. i dont care  about people who can afford spending a lot $$$.

Enjoy it or pass.

have a great day

2020-02-28 23:28
# 3

Я сегодня потратила 20к монет Шакату. Выпало 4 золотых посоха(

2020-02-29 09:59
# 4

During these kind of events avoid spending coins, it's completely bullshit on a scam level.

20k coins x 2 times

10k x 5 times

Gave no orange and we don't even dream about red items now :)

I'm spending abit but it's mostly to test out how ugly this is from PA side to lower rate then have an event "increased chance"


Meanwhile some new players draw liverto and grunils from 300-1k coins.. 

What have they done to this game lol.

2020-02-29 10:32
# 5
Yeah you have a point Sirius, I’ll pass. I see notifications on people getting red or orange gears from shakatu or world boss or even field drops! Not me though, how have I wronged you black Desert?
2020-02-29 11:50
# 6

I enjoy this game too, but there is nothing worth buying, everything feels like shameless cash grab.I would love to see PA change their aproach and for example take the route of CS:GO, sell us skins for gloves, shoes, pants, armors, shoulders, weapons, offhands, pets that can change colour in few different ways on each item.
Give us option to make our character unique not another clone of everyone else like it is right now. Customization after character creation is so poor right now.

2020-03-01 00:42
# 7
125000 coins spent during this event: not a single orange, oh i understand cause iv e never bought a single thing for real cash i dont deserve to enjoy this game.
A friend started just 1 week ago and spent about 300 in dollars and he got 3 orange and 2 reds in 3 days... he is not even 60 and has more cp now than me and i play since beta. Just plain ridiculous....
2020-03-02 06:48