Fix these trash drops already ffs!
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Edit: I would also like to say that I am not completely free to play, I spent 25$ on this game, I was stupid enough to support it, because I am not able to dump 100s or 1000s of dollars into it, that's not good enough huh? I am not important enough to give a shit?

All I do is auto farm now and check in to dump garbage to merchant, then hit auto back to my farming spot, hit sleep and rinse and repeat.

Today was the last day I am doing world boss, not wasting time on a handful of garbage anymore, fuck running boss rushes 1 at a time for boxes that give nothing and for "shakatu" to laugh at me while I get nothing, fuck paying 5 dollars for combat plus again so I can waste time running boss rushes for the same outcome as the above, just slightly faster.

Ancient ruins might be cool if I could get more than x8 worth of multiplier 1 run per day. One thing I liked about this game is instead of the normal mobile cookie cutter design of 1 to 2 time daily dungeons is the more freeform design of grinding out tickets and tablets and run as many as you can farm, it feels more like a normal PC mmo that way, but not with these stingy ass drop rates.

Last 24 hours of straight auto farming my best drop was 2 30 ancient tablet drops in the entire time, 60 ancient tablets 24 hours farming. The rest shit skill pages, greens blues and the occasional purple. I certainly don't want yellows either, buy well those drop either.

I really wanted to play this game but God damn man these drops are horrible.

You guys are already constantly rushing to release new content, yet your too damn stingy and tight assed to allow access to the content you already have? What's up with that?

I was almost excited for these recent events that gave free epic accessories because I thought I could put together a full epic accessory set and start farming world bosses to start working getting a decent enhance level going and keep grinding them up. However day in and day out nothing but trash blue accessories (a couple of purples) and a handful of other trash. Ok, I lied. I did get my first epic drop from karanda today, an epic robaca shoe! Hell yeah man,. Grinding my way up to a +3 epic accessory set now!!

I am currently 3800k cp, I usually get Max rolls on world boss so I am obviously doing my share of damage, yet every day nothing but trash, while I sit back and notification after notification of people getting epic accessories from the same boss fight,. Usually instantly go up on the market too, probably because the people that get em think they are trash compared to their ungodly set.

I was trying to save my BP to buy them by the way, but that puzzle event for the crow last month killed me!! Every night I would immediately click on the puzzle without thinking about and forgetting to collect my puzzle pieces! Before realizing what happened. By the time I realized what happened my BP was gone! Maybe I am stupid, but God damn why no notification saying "you don't have any puzzle pieces remaining, are you sure you would like to spend your precious pearls".

Sons of bitches.
2020-02-27 22:30
# 2


3800cp without cashing is pretty good. 

And Succession boostet you a lot. 

Do not understand your issue. Never played an Asian MMORPG before ha? 

It is not a western arcade game. 

And if just orange or red will satisfy you, you better quit :) 

2020-02-28 03:45
# 3

Stop looking at the notifs. They're server-wide drops, so of course someone out of the thousands of players is going to get something good.


Also, that's just how competitive MMO's work. The people that get into the top 100's actually spend thousands of $$$ on the game. It's the nature of F2P, they pay to keep their lead which keeps the game up so the rest can grind at a slower pace for free. All paying players are also paying for the freeloaders' share.


If you want to be above average you'd need to pay extra, cause everyone else is also grinding the same things you are. Stop imagining you're the only one doing all WB runs, etc. The CP ranking boards are there as reference for your progress.

2020-02-28 19:28
# 4
yeah.. the drop rates are really really low.. and farming does ocasionally give stuff.. so far shakatu gave me 2 orange drops from over 50k coins and field drop gave me 5 orange drops.. world boss about 4 epic acc..ancient ruins no good drop.. except a yellow relic.. lightstones just 1 orange so far.. and boss rushes not even one good drop.. been playing from day one
Except combat plus and ocasional bp offers(1+1) im also f2p..curently at 4100 it can be done at a decent level while enjoing the game
2020-02-28 21:13