Where's my RNG? Devs open me!
# 1
Hey Devs! Just as most of the community here I'm also a free to play kind of player, I've started since launch. And I work hard for most of the stuff I have now, Until now I haven't got a single orange gear, I've grinded, grinded, grinded, and grinded some more. Not a damn orange item drop. HELP ME OUT DEVS! Shakatu... Shakatu robbed me all of the gold coins I've used on him not a damn single orange gear.... I have seem to have left my RNG somewhere in the PC version. Just ranting! I still would like to play the game, just change my RNG or something!
2020-02-26 09:56
# 2

Meanwhile half of the server(all the same damn people that alreaady have decked out gear) getting the absolute BEST RED alchemy stones on THE FIRST GODAMNED day of the content release.  Whats that tell you about this so called "RNG".


While me doing World boss every day,  getting max rolls,  get a handful of garbage every single day!  Then sit back and what a stream of notifications of people getting Orange gear and Epic Accessories.


I have a measly 2 epic Accessories from the recent events,  if I am lucky I may be able to get a complete set at some point in a month or so,  but Ill de damned if I will ever be able to start enchaning with this fucking rediculous drop rate.


In short take this steaming pile or trash game and shove it up your asses.



2020-02-26 21:53
# 3
you are just unlucky and i pity you. im F2p player and got 2 slot orange armor with 5k coins. last week i spent 10k in shak and got no orange. still i feel lucky.
2020-02-28 17:29