Crafting Black Pearl..W*F
# 1

ok wait, so 1 craft for 100 BP requires 110 we can what, sell it for 2m on the market? 
no thanks, who in their right mind would even do that w* if its raining BP on the game. 

2020-02-25 20:20
# 2

It's a whale thing, if a whale wanted to get a lot of silver, they had to buy things from real cash shop like pets or black spirit plus for 400 Pearls or more and sell it for 2kk silver. Now they can exchange pearls in to black pearsl 1 to 1, and instead of changing 400 pearls into 2kk silver, now they can exchange 110 pearls in to 2kk silver.

So its a whale update that kills any possibility of real currency shop items ever appearing on the silver market again.

2020-02-26 07:54