Mobile users have a disadvantage compared to emulators!
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It’s funny this is a mobile game but like every mobile we have players who use a computer and run an emulator. I find this very imbalanced, auto combat in Ramoness? Only available if on a computer with emulator because I’m on a iPad and Ramoness is manually played for me! Not asking PA to ban people on computer because they only care about $ but could y’all at least make every platform have the same capability?
2020-02-24 19:47
# 2

i'm on a mobile and i can auto play on Ramoness , 

2020-02-24 20:58
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you can play auto on mobile or tablet.. but i agree, that peeps who plays on computer have better advantage than player who plays on mobile!

they uses keyboard for skills nad evade which i find it very easy to do so whilst on mobile sometimes you could easily slip.. also from what ive experience using some skill for example like sorcerer its rather easier to play on pc (emulator) than mobile.. i think devs need to consider about this! 

2020-02-24 22:20
# 4

If you play on phone that allows you smooth 60 fps on highest settings than you have bigger adventage than someone who cant even  go stable 30 on medium, let's ban everyone who has a phone that's more expensive than 200$


that's the same argument as you make, as dumb as you'res, first thing you can hook up game pad and play with it on phone, or just learn, put few hours into your skills with phone controlls. Instead of facing reality "most likely you just suck at this game like most of the players, and dont want to put in work to get better" you want to  bring everyone else to you're level, good luck with that.

2020-02-24 23:22
# 5
Nah, Emulators have an obviously have advantage compare to mobile users
I hope we can modify the ui of the game. That would balance it for PC and mobile users.
2020-02-25 03:13
# 6

Can't see how changing the UI would redress your imperceived imbalance, whatever you do at best you're going to have a 6" screen on even the biggest screen mobiles - whatever the Dev's do, the interface is always going to be a little cluttered.  Emulators such as NoX, BlueStacks and Memu for exampe have the ability to record user based macro's so whatever you do to the user interface will always succumb to somone creating a macro for the emulator.... 

in other words, suck it up buttercup :p

2020-02-25 04:20
# 7
I’ve been doing well on my phone and iPad..w the tablet i have a bigger screen, better field of view and frame of reference, If it slows down or seems like it’s glitching I switch to my phone. I can tell you’ve never at least attempted BDOM on a emulator/computer. it’s very inconvenient spatially As we have the controls literally at our thumbs, the emulators have to traverse and navigate, well, half a keyboard w both hands and lets just say 6-8 fingers. Mobile users have the upper hand here on a spatial standpoint alone. Again, we control the world using just 2 opposable thumbs.

If there’s issues, upgrade skills/gear, review tactics and change as needed for certain areas. For example I know the arena and ramones aren’t the same so i plan accordingly for both. Worst case scenario is they are just stronger than you.

Don’t get me wrong, I am 98 percent sure macros/bots are in Ramones w the rash of ppl filing reports and complaints just in the last 2’s not a fun match when it’s decided before it starts. People testing out the work the effort they’ve put in while the other team running programs i assume give them telekinetic CP due to them looking at you kills you. Secondary programs being run on computers bc cellphones can’t withstand the continuous sustained processing strain that is required for long or if at all unless the phone was in a freezer...which is like, why bother?
OR, the phone was a BIG one with an internal fan and a decent size keyboard to quickly process a separate program alerting them they’re about to be caught so they can jump servers, change MAC address and use a VPN to mask their IP address to disappear...oh wait that’s exactly a computer. No investigating the username or server reported, PA Declares those players will be permanently banned but stops there.

I just know there’s no way a character can withstand 2 spirit rage attacks to the face, not lose any health, glitch doing the robot in the game as if processing a line of code, look your way and I’m dead. Doesnt actually touch you, just some deadly RBF.

I can admit when I’m beat but I’m not dumb, as well as a couple hundred others w the same stories, it’s going to reach a point that can’t be swept under the rug anymore..players submitting complaints having somewhat different stories but all describe the same Thing. personally I think Devs troll ramones for fun and it makes me laugh bc i don’t blame them w all the grown crybabies they have to deal with and reply back to on a daily basis (no offense) so it’s their way of getting back at them...or someone trying to cheat for a meaningless digital victory, can you really call it cheating if you’re putting that much effort in w no real stakes in it? but I digress...

if you have a decent computer, download an emulator (most are free) and download BDO (which is definitely free to download at least) and give it a shot. Requirements aren’t arent a lot to run smoothly on a performance setting so you don’t need a super computer. Or, get stronger..equip different skills and take advantage of having 3 different skill sets to mix it up...or just stay away from PvP.

I know my grammar is terrible here but i hope I got the point across well enough.

PS: I never go into a ramones match without first turning on autopilot / auto combat (im saying all this under the assumption your complaint was arena/ramones/PvP related) and I rock an iPhone 10. If you can’t use the auto combat in the arena, then you are just like everyone else cuz we can’t either, so I hope it helps resolve your issue a little.
2020-02-25 04:41
# 8
I’m on iPad and Ramoness isn’t auto combat available. Maybe just iOS devices? And Lunafelis I said banning players wasn’t a solution how about maybe an I update, guess you’re to much an idiot to not bother reading and you just feel like spurting your nonsense idiotic reple?
2020-02-25 07:36
# 9

Why would you auto combat in RAMONES?? 


The only advantage of playing in PC is that they can set up macros and farm 24/7.

In PVP i can f*ck them w my controller. EZPZ 

2020-02-25 13:51
# 10

I'm always amused by these threads - nerf this class, nerf that class, hackers / cheaters, emulator macro's etc... they all have a common theme which is a player who doesn't really grasp either the mechanics of the class in question, or the game as a whole - i've tried the arena and ramoness with my archmage, and I suck badly at it but you don't see me here bellyaching that this is clearly the result of some cheating or one class being OP compared to another - its quite simple, I'm bad at PvP dont mind admitting it either.... If I actually gave a toss about it, i might persevere as others have and truly grasped what does and doesnt work in PvP against one class or another... look at the early threads about people complaining about huntress being OP.... few days later people were posting video's of them being hammered into dust by titans, warriors or valks etc...


this sort of thread speaks more of a player blaming the game and its mechanics rather than their own shortcomings....


peace out...

2020-03-06 03:12