New Class: Scholar Strategy
# 1

Family name : TakasuRyuji

Server : Europe

New Class: Scholar Strategy

This strategy is here to help you progress faster by doing multiple task at the same time. As well as explaining you basics skills mecanisms, and pvp.



1. Create a scholar as a Seasonal character


Create a scholar as your seasonal character in order to leverage buff and participate to the event :

- start playing it.

- leveling it faster to the level 80 - buff (500% xp).

- improving your field and hadum loot due to the buff (300%).


1.1 participate to the gleam event while doing seasonal quest


event name : Event 3) Winter Season, New Class Scholar Gleam Event

- link of the event : [Annonces] [Community Event] Winter Season and New Class: Scholar | Black Desert Mobile - Site Officiel

- gleam link (referral)

- reward [For 250 winners] : Black Pearl x 1,000 / Path of Glory Entry Pass x 3 / Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chest x 50 / Akhram Prophecy (100%) x 50


List of ingame task to do for the Gleam Event :
- Make New Class: Scholar and & Share a Screenshot

- Send the Family Dispatch - Tower of Trials & Share a Screenshot 

- Complete All Daily Tasks and Take & Share a Screenshot

- Play Boss Rush & Share a Screenshot -> can be coupled with Rush board from seasonal char to win some time

- Play the Path of Glory & Share a Screenshot

- Complete Black Desert Mobile 'Winter Season' & Share a Screenshot




2. Create your own scholar build


In order to create your own build for a class you need to understand skills mecanism :

skills mecanism Explaination Screenshots used to explain example How to access the information

Debuffs combos or debuff priority

In Black desert mobile a debuffs during a fight is a alteration of state :

- Stun : Immobilized (1-2 seconds Stun/Daze)

- Daze : Immobilized (1-2 seconds Stun/Daze)

- Knockback : Knocked back for a certain distance before you can take action (3-4 seconds Knockback)

- Knockdown, Knock-up, Bound : Downed for a short period of time before you can take action (2-3 seconds Knockdown/Up/Bound)


This debuffs are usefull for you to chain skills while your opponents can't do nothing but there is a priority order in order to re-apply a debuffs while one is already running.

- Stun < Daze < Knockback < Knockdown, Knock-up, Bound

Meaning that :

- you can : if an ennemy is in state Stun then you can re-apply Daze to him or higher priority debuffs like Bound.

- you can't : if an ennemy is in state Daze then you can't re-apply Stun



Protection against debuff 

Some skills protect you from being debuff by your opponents, they have a special icon to show the kind of protection allowed on the bottom right of the skill icon.

- invincibility : Immune to all attacks and ignores negative status effects - red icon

- super armor : Can still be attacked, but without the status effects also more resistant during the skill - yellow icon

- forward guard : Partial invincibility. (only in front of the character. Sides and of course behind you are vulnerable) - yellow icon



Skill Combos

In order to maximise your action you can chain skills. Chaining skills will cancel a part of animation beetween two skills. Allowing you to perform more action in a shorter amount of time which can help :

- improving your DPS (damage per second)

- improving your KPM (kills per minute)

- better leverage of your skills debuffs time windows


However all skills can't be chain so you need to check the list of the skills in order to think about an efficient combos who can maximise your debuffs properly :

- recoil then home run can be an efficient start for a combos since recoil stun then home run daze while both can be chain.


At the meantime recoil unfortunally haven't protection again debuffs (super armor, forward guard, or invincibility) because of that it's risky to engage using it at your first action. 


You also need to be carefull in order to see if the protection is available in arena, in case of scholar only Attraction, Gravity Press, One small step offer protection against debuff in arena so this could completely change your combo as well as your skill set.




also you can find some youtuber who covers in deep PVP content and mecanism example : @unclebigfish


2.1. Passive skill mecanism


So far we have talked about skills mecanism valid for all classes but we should also consider passive skills. In case of Scholar we want to activate Core Control passive effect (core actuation) in order to improve :
- damage per skill +10% for 10sec 

- pvp damage reduction -20% for 10sec 



In this case @chromaines cover the topics here : [Trucs et astuces] New Class: Scholar Strategy - Time Space Jutsu Skill Build | BLACK DESERT MOBILE - Site Officiel providing build in order to leverage the passive skills of scholar as well on this two video :
- Scholar, Time Space Jutsu Skill Build - Black Desert Mobile (

- Scholar's Skill Build for the Lazy, Crazy Kill Per Minute - Black Desert Mobile (


3. Follow other build and adapt


A good thing to do is also to follow other players guide, video in order to learn more about the class and then adapt what you see with what you learn from skills mecanism and pvp guide in order to complete or sometime make it better for yourself.
for example on youtube from King Diablo131




as well as black desert mobile official discord where you can talk about your class and ask advice from other players :


4. To master it : practice, practice and practice


Theory is good but practice is what will make you stand out! practice your skill with friend doing friendly arena, ramoness, or playing pve content such as desert farming etc... In order to improve your gameplay and truly master your lovely scholar character ;)

2023-12-28 16:32