New Class: Scholar Strategy
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Introduction to the Scholar Class

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on the Scholar class in Black Desert Mobile. This class, while currently seen as underpowered due to the dominant presence of classes like the Berserker and a lack of super armor on core skills, offers a unique and enjoyable playstyle. Scholars excel in manipulating gravitational forces, allowing for dynamic combat tactics.


Scholar's Main Kit Overview

The essence of the Scholar class is encapsulated in her passive ability, where skills are split into two categories: Core Actuation openers and closers. Core Actuation looks as two cores within a gravity field, this skill is inflicting damage over time and slowing enemies. It also deals additional damage upon activation and deactivation.



Core Actuation Openers and Closers

  • Openers: Gravity Anchor (Flow: OFF), Hammer Throw, Gravity Press (Flow: ON), Gravity Field (Flow: ON)
  • Closers: Recoil, Gravity Press (Flow: OFF), One Small Step, Partial Black Hole, Home Run, Gravity Field (Flow: OFF)


Unique Feature: Attraction

Attraction is a distinctive teleport skill that moves you to an opened Core Actuation without closing it. It can be used three times, with each use of any other skill reducing its cooldown by one second.




Scholar's Playstyle: Movement and Combat

Scholars lack a traditional combo system, as most of their skills are double CC type and end with tier 4 controls like Bound, Knockdown, or Knock-up. The class focuses on opening and closing as many Core Actuations as possible, moving consistently, and dealing damage. The playstyle is reminiscent of the Raven class, prioritizing kiting and evasive maneuvers for optimal positioning.


Movement Combos

  • Gravity Anchor (Flow: ON): Offers better movement at the cost of theoretical damage. Use with caution due to the lack of super armor.
  • Hammer Throw -> Attraction: A long-range teleport, main engagement tool in PvP.
  • Gravity Anchor (Flow: OFF) -> Attraction: Lesser range than Hammer Throw, less practical in combat.
  • Gravity Press: Main disengagement tool.
  • One Small Step: Provides minor movement within fights, useful for stalling.


Damage Dealing Combos

In most scenarios, it's optimal to open a Core Actuation with one skill and immediately close it with another. Here are some effective combinations:

  • Hammer Throw -> Attraction -> Home Run: Maximizes instant damage upon engagement.
  • Gravity Field (Flow: ON) -> Partial Black Hole: Effective for dealing damage insane inside the team fights.


After executing these combos, it's advisable to disengage using Gravity Press, heal, and prepare for the next encounter. With sufficient Combat Power (CP), you can chain an infinite combo for continuous damage:

  • Gravity press (Flow: ON) -> Home Run and Gravity Field (Flow: ON) -> Partial Black Hole: DPS comboes.

  • One Small Step and Gravity Field (Flow: ON) -> Attraction: Fillers between DPS comboes.


Mastering the Scholar Class

Mastering the Scholar class requires practice and skill. Utilizing unpredictable teleports and strategic positioning can turn the tide of battle, offering a thrilling and rewarding experience. While challenging, the Scholar class promises a unique and engaging playstyle for those willing to learn its intricacies.


Skill layouts


  • AFK Farming


  • PvP (Mostly Field, for Arena she needs at least one more button to the layout, better 3)


  • Bosses



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