New Class: Scholar Strategy
# 1

Family name : Filhan
server : Asia
- PVP arena
1. Gravity anchor
(EN) this is an opening skill,consume 35MP and 30MP to teleport(flow). be carefull for this using this skill,because the skill don't have super armor and don't use it too much in arena.
(ID) skill pembuka, menggunakan 35 MP dan 30 MP untuk teleportasi. hati hati menggunakan skill ini,karena skill ini tidak mempunyai super armor dan jangan digunakan terlalu sering di arena.
2. Attraction
(EN) after teleport with gravity anchor,use attraction to daze the enemy.if your enemy dodge this skill,use it twice.
if you want to be rusher,you can also combo with hammer throw.
(ID) setelah teleportasi dengan gravity anchor,selanjutnya gunakan attraction untuk daze lawan. jika lawan menghindar, gunakan 2 kali.
kalau mau ngerush bisa di combo dengan skil hammer throw.
3. One Small Step
(EN) turn off the flow: extenduator so the cast speed more faster.
(ID) matikan flow:extenduator biar apa? biarin
4. Gravity Field
(EN) stun on 1st hit,bound on last hit. but ,we just want the Core Actuation is active to increase the next skill damage
(ID) hit pertama nge stun, hit kedua bound buat jaga jaga kalo skill nomor 3 musuhnya ga jatuh. tapi ini skill untuk meng-aktifkan skill passive nya
5. Partial Black Hole
(EN) this is the damage,use this skill after the passive on to increase the damage
(ID) ini damage paling besar, pakai setelah passive nya aktif biar damagenya gede

6. Gravity Press
(EN) use this skill for wait cooldown other skills,and after you use it dont forget to evasion and then do the combo again 1 to 6 step
(ID) pakai skill ini untuk nunggu CD skill lain. setelah jatuh langsung evasion boy. bisa pake combo ini lagi setelah jatuh 1 ke 6 jangan skip biar ga boros evasion


you can see the demo here.

(EN) scholar farming speed is pretty good.
(ID) lumayan cepat buat farming.

- Dessert farm
(EN) for full manual farming on dessert i dont recommend but if you still want farming with scholar change the branch aal to serret and just do auto near the altar and move to another altar with your mount.
(ID) sangat tidak di rekomendasikan buat manual farming di dessert karna lama casting skill nya.

- Black Sun
(EN) this class need cp,if your cp is below count,i'm not recommend to use scholar because you can't run from a berserker
(ID) scholar butuh cp yang tinggi,kalau dibawah count, gw gak rekomendasikan buat pake scholar,karna lu gak bisa lari dari berserker

note :
(EN) Use MP recover Imprint at least 30% & Decrease enemy Attack Speed Imprint.
(ID) Pake imrpint MP recover minimal 30% lah sama imprint pengurangan ATK SPD/mov spd musuh
List for mp recover imprint :
- Main Weapon
- Sub Weapon
- Helmet
- Gloves
- Belt 
- Necklace
- Earrings


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