Is this mobile game??
# 1

So name is Black deseret mobile. But everyone is playing on on emulator................. Now is that ok for single player game? Sure. But for MMORPG its not. Everyone is using Emulator for PvP and its imposible to play vs them using you cell phone. Whats the purpose of having mobile game if you have 90% of Emulator players?

2020-01-04 10:37
# 2

The purpose of mobile games is not for people to enjoy them but to squeeze money out of people, so developers does not care from where comes the money


2020-01-04 11:14
# 3

I get you but it's really not fair playing competitive game where people is using side programs to enhance their capabilities. To me its same as using Any Chet engine

2020-01-04 11:24
# 4

It’s P2W game so not much in it is fair.

You know what they say, if you cant beat them, join them.

2020-01-04 12:31
# 5

I know what you mean but consider that most of people who play the game whenever it's on phone or emulator pays to play it.

Amazon prime or google gift cards no matter people do spend money one way or other to gain better equipment on Phone or PC.

I think i saw somewere people hook up joystics to phones to play games. Also use remote control ,lol. It's not fare to other who have just one device. Well maybe...

But people play it on IOs iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Xbox have this game too, also there are android tablets.

Why people do not complain about them? They cheaters too!

Ban them all and then close the game couse no one will play it and it will be not worth it to maintain just for phones.  

By the way not all the people have new phones or they can aford one and they want to play a game too.

I play on old server where players way ahead of me with power over 3000.

But i do not complain becouse my cp low compared to them i understand that people spend money and time to get better and ahead than me.

Consider it as their investment in powerful PCs with 120fps instead of 5 years old pnones where you do not get full HD or more than 30fps.

It's a matter of choise you like your phone and others like computers, tablets ,ipods or xbox.


2020-01-04 15:38