Can Anyone explain how to obtain dye.
# 1
I see the option nowhere in the pearl store yet I had 3 pallets on me for some reason when I created my character But they look horrible so I thought I’d just switch em out but I can’t do that for some reason so want to try and dye it something else but yea can’t find the pallets anywhere.
2020-01-03 20:31
# 2

Trough finishing main quests you unlock building called Dye Workshop where you can craft dyes in your camp or mix dyes to get new colours and even produce some skins for weapons and Armor.
I don’t remember correctly when you unlock it but I think I was something around lvl +50 when I unlocked it.

2020-01-03 22:02
# 3
raise LV until 50+ ,defeat "Uraka" (Boss Russ name) in main quest to get Permission build Dye(blabla i forget it that name).
Congrats, you can craft Chest Dye in Camp,sir.
2020-01-04 05:36