Acquired shepherd pet by level 11 on old account
# 1

Hello all,


I created my first account not realizing how family names and character names worked, and ended up putting in a ticket to delete the account after realizing I couldn't change it easily.  I only reached level 11 on that character, but I know I acquired a shepherd pet (along with the mischievous dog).  On my new second account, I've been trying to figure out where on earth I got him.  Does anyone recall what quest provides this shepherd pet?  It was not purchased in a market, I stumbled across it during the quest line.  Please help!  It's driving me nuts haha.  Thank you!

2020-01-03 11:43
# 2

With introduction of another P2W mechanics called PET ALBUM developers gave everyone one free tier 1 pet as a gift. As far as I know no further quest in the game gives out free pet, but I may be wrong I’m only lvl 56 with finished chapter 10 in SouthWest Calpheon.


Pets can be acquired in few different ways:

  1. Buy it for real world cash.
  2. Get if for free from developers handouts.
  3. Acquire it from event. Not every event give it.
  4. Buy it on market from someone who was stupid enough to buy it for real money and sell it on market for silver which is equivalent of setting your 10 dollar bill on fire as you can buy more silver with less real world currency in few other ways.
2020-01-03 21:53