So many trap
# 1
So many trap in this game i spend my time just for getting stronger and u give me that 5h!t
This thing will make ur free player stop to playing ur game
Please just give us alert when we want to enhance our gear or acc we need to know if this risk !
2020-01-01 17:29
# 2

I was wondering what happens when during accessories enhancement fail you cant pay the Restore Gear fee. Does it go to +8 in example above, 0 or gets destroyed?

2020-01-01 21:23
# 3
Accessories go back to 0 when you fail enhancement.
2020-01-02 00:51
# 4

RIP. I don't understand why you would try to enhance without preparing necessary resources for restoration. Assuming you enhanced to +9 yourself, you should have already known the previous restoration cost, unless you're super lucky and never fail along the way or bought from the market

2020-01-02 01:06