Level 52 witch can't pass Catfishman Boss.
# 1
So I'm stuck, I can't pass this Catfishman boss. My CP is 2318 and my family is 2374. My armor is all level 19 and weapons level 21. I've been doing as much exploring, skills, quests, guild quests, etc to get to a higher level. But I still can't pass it. Any info/help appreciated!!!
2019-12-31 17:04
# 2
What kind of problems are you having? Should be able to just dodge his main CC attack at least and survive. Try to use your range attacks and heal when they get off of cool down. Make sure you have your pots auto set to 90% as well if you haven't.
2019-12-31 18:55
# 3
Yeah only advice I can give is switch. I was a 55 witch and couldn’t beat Uraka, so I switched to a Valkyrie and beat him no sweat. Remember witches are really glass cannons, another tip use your dodge a lot and make sure your dos is good.
2019-12-31 19:03
# 4

What skills are you using?
With Witch I killed Qoobe at lvl 49 with CP little bit above 2150.
Gold weapons +18, gold armor and boots +18, +18 blue hat and gloves, green accessories +7.
Arcane Bolts, Fireball, Frigid Fog, Lightning Storm
Frozen Orb, Magic Embrace, Healing Aura, Dagger Stab

2020-01-01 02:13
# 5
What the others said. Set pots to kick in at 90% hp and work on your dodging. Also, locking in on bosses helps me out too (the little lock key beside your skill wheel let's you lock on the boss)
2020-01-01 15:32
# 6

I beat Hexe Marie with Witch on Lv.55 CP2300, and Uraka on Lv.47 CP2100. Maybe the skill combo you use is not good enough. Try to stun, and then use Lightning Strike, and dodge. That technique always helped me in every boss fight.

2020-01-02 07:52