Maegu still slow even with so many update
# 1
Maegu still slow in term of her cast skill or whatever it is… she doesn’t have immunity, grap skill and not even fast mobility …. Her wayfold abilities is make her what? then so u called it abilities.?
, it’s just make her an easy target to be hit by the enemy , why the use of forward guard if she can’t use it in the arena… her animation took longer than other characters which make her got hit easily and yet u reduce her power percentage from 22 to 16…hope PA do something to upgrade not to downgrade which already good… thx.
2023-04-21 07:23
# 2

Don't write anything !

This bull sheet just dont care what you say. They just do what they want.

 Play or Delete game.

2023-05-16 08:37
# 3
Well I might follow my friends which already not to log on for period of time then…
2023-05-21 21:40