We need more lifeskill !!
# 1
I also played this game on the computer.
When people got bored, they used to go to life skill to have fun.
When my tasks and activities are over, there is nothing left but afk farming.
I upgraded my camp to the last level. Likewise in the wagon and ship.
Doesn't anything I collect matter anymore?
I think I should have been able to cook different meals at the camp.
i should be able to make different potions
I'm trying to have orceza treasure items
What will happen after you have it? Are there different features in the game that I did not turn on or as much as what I wrote?

sorry my english
2023-01-22 07:07
# 2
You can make HP and Stamina pots through alchemy if that's what you're referring to. As well as Cron and some pots for desert. But yeah, would be nice if they add more craft-able items and more things to do. I also use some of the materials to make Outfit chests so that I can convert it to Artisan's Skein.
2023-01-22 15:11