Come back after 495 days
# 1
Hi there.I came back to the game after 495 days.And Im so overwhelmed.I dont know where to start,where to begin.My gear atm is chaos +7 24k cp .And I dont know is there a better gear than this?Should I upgrade it more?Ofc I have to finish the new story line but I dont know what to focus next..Please any advice?cheers
2023-01-20 09:24
# 2
Have you claimed the latest "Blessings of W" freebie? it's like Akhram Prophecy 100% but has no risk of downgrade? You can attempt for +8. If I remember correctly the coupon code is BLESSINGFROMWOOK. Or you can browse the NEWS page in this site or search in YouTube for the latest coupon codes if it still works. Claim those coupons ASAP before their availability expires.

Next, aim to upgrade your accessories, alchemy stones (combined in harmony stone) and emblem to chaos. I think you'll need to reach kamasylvia map main quest and do side story quest for alchemy stone chaos upgrades to become available (at around 29k-31k+ CP?). If you haven't yet, upgrade caphras accessories to at least +5. This I think will unlock chaos accessories side story even if you only have 24k CP.

And then later upon reaching kamasylvia, you will unlock fairy at some point. This will be another source of CP. Enhancing runes is also possible now but you need to access shazad great desert for this (Around 40k+ CP perhaps?). EDIT: I just learned that the item needed also drops in TORME outlaw zone.

There are other new contents that you can do now while trying o reach the appropriate CP for kamasylvia, like Trials of Ator. Just do your desert temples to get tickets to enter. You'll get CP from knowledge.
2023-01-21 11:59