ITEMS disappearing!!
# 1
I already created several support tickets, as several Items are disappeared after buying them at Shataku and accessories shop. PA please handle!
2019-12-29 08:41
# 2

Is option enabled for black spirit to automatically consume gear you draw from Shakatu?

2019-12-29 09:50
# 3

No it is disabled as I want to choose them manually and also register them in the lexicon. I also double checked the option and it is disabled. I bought 3 times 10 items at Shataku and just the purple one disappeared. I was able to register it at the Lexicon, but it was not in my inventory.


I also have the same issues with the accessiore shop, where I buy items and they do not appear in my inventory. Also, I had a chat with some people on the server who had the same problem as me.

2019-12-29 10:03
# 4
Anything that you register in the Lexicon disappears. It even warns you. So only put things that you don’t want in it.
2019-12-29 18:43