Warrior: Man of Slow Motion
# 1
Been almost 2 year waiting BDM to play warrior to relize that he is The Man of Slow Motion. Slow move, slow atk, isn't great in deffence, can't healing, slow motion cast skill, longer skill cooldown, underaverage hit damage, slow motion in almost anything, unbelieveable this is the warrior picture, I think he is subhuman lack in anything. All his skill almost easy canceling by others Char skills, struggle very hard to give damage, and with Valkyrie with more lower CP his struggle hard to win, all his skills canceled. As fans of warrior I wonder and thinking hard why the Dev made it like this. So, what is purpose of this warrior... wwhy its here. I very disappointed with Warrior in BDM, and playing him with sad.
2019-12-28 07:06
# 2
What level and cp are you and what stats and gear are you using? Maybe they were specced differently. I do agree though that the warrior class does feel a little lacking compared to other classes bc ive had similar situations too.
2019-12-29 19:48